Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Ankaragucu banned from scoring goals!

Eyupspor 1-0 Ankaragucu

Another embarrassing and gutless performance from these chancers who wear the Ankaragucu jersey. And yet again another match where we don't score a goal. It looks like the TFF have banned Ankaragucu from scoring goals, their can be no other reasonable answer as to why the team sitting 2nd at the January break haven't won in their last 8 games and have only scored 3 goals.

I am starting to believe that these players are been paid sums of money to make sure we don't win promotion. If you remember back 2 seasons ago, we had the strongest team in this league and were almost certain to win promotion. We beat Alanyaspor 5-1 at their stadium and 2 weeks later they knocked us out of the playoffs.

This season the same thing, we have the strongest squad in the league, sitting 2nd in January, all we need is 2-3 players to come in to help us over the line. Instead the transfer ban wasn't lifted, we sacked our manager and replaced him with a guy we previously sacked, and the result is 8 games 0 wins.

I was supposed to be flying out to Ankara tomorrow, but decided to cancel my flight due to the terrorist attacks in Ankara. Im glad i won't be taking in the match with Tarsus as these players don't deserve the support of our fans. They are an embarrassment and can go fuck themselves and the management too.

Sadly i can't see us having a team next season, with the debt increasing, the transfer ban and Gokcek intent on killing us off, their aren't enough powerful people who care about the club that can save us. Gokcek pays them all off.

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  1. I anticipate our webmaster, Oz Kanka, will put this post up under the banner of .... 'the best of'.

    Nadeem's predictions may well transpire into reality if something isn't done and ........... quick.

    The first thing that MUST happen is beating bottom of the league Tarsus on Sunday. If it's another 0-0 match we can expect a reaction from the supporters, ie, flying plastic seats for starters.

    I'm planning on going to this critical match.