Saturday, March 19, 2016

Ankaragücü continue on (poor) form...

Ankaragücü chalked up 7 weeks without a win with a 0-0 draw at home to İnegölspor today before a sparse crowd.

Fewest fans I've ever seen at a home match.

Be thankful to the terrorists that you didn't have to sit through this.

Terror warnings, a poor run of form and an odd Saturday fixture combined to spare most Ankaragücü fans from another dreadful performance.

The club had four half-decent shots on target in the first half, to İnegölspor's none. İnegölspor did manage, however, to do the horizontal equivalent of powering the ball into row Z - with a shot in front of goal going straight to a winger and being declared offside by a particularly zealous linesman.

Ankaragücü put the ball into the back of the net comfortably in the 51st minute - only to meet an offside decision from the above.

Five minutes later, İnegöl got a few chances of their own, and a beautiful AG counterattack was also declared offside.

Ankaragücü had one chance every ten minutes from then on - a breakthrough foiled by a well-timed tackle by the İnegöl keeper on the left-hand side, a great curving shot that deflected off the post, and a close-quarters encounter that led to an injury to the İnegöl keeper.

No joy for 'Gücü, on another sad day for the country in general.

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  1. Well done Ankaragucu yessssssss !!!! With 12 draws this season so far the team lead the race for the Most Draws in a Season Trophy !!!!

    On a serious note .... cough cough ......... the 3 forthcoming matches will define Ankaragucu's season.

    Still in 5th position in the Play-Off mix, Ankaragucu travel to 14th in the league Eyup midweek (Wednesday I think) and then host bottom club Tarsus next weekend (probably Sunday). The following weekend is the trip to top of the league Manisa, so by the end of that match we will have a fairly good idea whether we will be in the Play-Off Lottery, or in mid-table oblivion !

    Will Ankaragucu deliver ? Will they score goals in those 3 matches ? Will they deliver more 0-0 draws ? Watch this space for the answers !!