Sunday, March 13, 2016

Disappointment All Round

Ankaragücü continued underperforming on Friday with a 0-0 away performance against Kartalspor, who are currently languishing in the relegation zone.

Both teams have recently replaced their managers after runs of poor play, and as Kartalspor had a ban on home support (for swearing, just like we had a few weeks ago), only about a hundred masochistic Ankaragücü supporters came over to Istanbul to give their support.

On the plus side, it looks like it was nice spring weather.

The match got off to an extremely slow start, with very few chances of any note in the first 80 minutes(!). Kartalspor were the relatively better defensive side, but their attacks fell apart or came to nowt as soon as they got into the Ankaragücü box.

At 82 minutes, Göksu grabbed onto the shirt of an opposition midfielder, getting a red card for his troubles.

And after that, the game actually began, with both sides having saved their energy to carry out some hair-raising attacks throughout the last ten minutes. No joy for either, though, and with the point each Kartalspor remain likely to get relegated, while Ankaragücü continue to slip out of contention for the playoffs.

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  1. Thanks for your report John. Not much to say at the moment about Ankaragucu's season and how it is sliding downhill.

    As for Chris's report, yet another bomb with the death count rising by the hour.

    I have seen an 'intelligence report' from a friend saying that there is going to be more bombings on the 20th. This will affect Ankaragucu's next home match so we will monitor this situation and decide nearer the time whether to go or not.

    As I write this, I'm thinking ....... don't take chances. Give the match a body-swerve !