Monday, April 11, 2016


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

I suppose we should be grateful for small mercies, but Ankaragucu will not meet many teams as generous as Ankara Demirspor in what’s left of this season.   However, they did what was necessary to stay in the hunt for a play-off place and we can ask no more that that.   Also, with new financial problems arising, the players are playing without a salary at the moment.   Although, how long that situation continues remains to be seen !

I like Scouse Kanka’s tongue in cheek quote on the subject ...... ‘if they are going to play like this and win 3-0, then we should perhaps stop paying them permanently’ !!!    Nice one Marcus !

ANKARAGUCU    3          Ankara Demirspor    0

The kankas met-up in the Sports Cafe and the Stadium.   Posh Kanka Ahmet, Scouse Kanka Marcus, Apple Kanka Erman and Battle Damaged Damon who was welcomed back after an absence due to illness.   Also, Posh Kanka introduced us to famous Trabzon author and supporter of Ankaragucu, Harun Celik.
Bir Yozgatlı, bir Trabzonlu, bir Edinburghlu, bir Liverpoollu
 ve bir New Yorklu Ankaragücü maçında buluştuk. 

Surprisingly, after some poor recent results, there was a large turnout in Gecikondu, Maraton and Sol Kapali.   I counted 30 in the away end !

The first half was probably the most boring match I’ve had the misfortune to watch and the most exciting moment happened in the 28th minute when play was stopped for a ‘water break’ !! 

On a serious note, it took until the 40th minute for the first real action to materialise when the pass of the match was made by Omer in the left back position to Goksu way out on the right wing.   He evaded a tackle and cut the ball back to Harun whose attempt at a ‘placed shot/lob’ was just over.

Approaching the half time whistle and at this point I made the disparaging remark to the kankas that we were heading for yet another 0-0 boring draw.   However, Emrah made me eat my words when he finished off a slick passing movement in the penalty box.   The fact that all 3 passes were to Blue and Yellow shirts and that this was the first in 45 minutes was a minor miracle !!!

The first 20 minutes of the 2nd half were a continuation of the 1st half, ie, boring.   Well, apart from a mix-up in the Ankaragucu penalty box by THREE defenders 4 minutes in when Demirspor had their only real chance to equalise, but with the goal at his mercy, the attacker shot weakly past the post.

Then the match exploded into life in the 63rd minute with the arrival of Enes to replace lightweight and ineffective Mustafa, and he almost scored after 2 minutes when his pace was too much for a defender, but his cut-back and shot was deflected for a corner.

From the resulting corner, the ball was passed to Timur who’s shot hit the post, but fortunately rebounded back to him and he made no mistake with his 2nd attempt.

10 minutes to go and it should have been 3 when Enes went on a great run down the right wing and cut the ball back for the unmarked Orhan only 5 yards from the goal-line.   However, with the goal at his mercy he sent the ball skyward and out !

A few minutes later Emrah was replaced by Hasan Ayaroglu and for the 2nd time in the match the substitution proved to be a master stroke.

5 minutes to go and Ankaragucu’s star player, Goksu, went off injured to be replaced by Sertan.   Hopefully his injury is minor.

2 minutes to go and the goal of the match.   A well worked free kick on the right gave Hasan the opportunity to fire in an unstoppable shot into the left corner with the goalkeeper well beaten.

So, like I said before, a win is a win, and at this stage in the season the 3 points are invaluable, but with an away match next week against new league leaders, Kocaeli, they will have to up their game.   For starters, I recommend going back to basics on the training pitch this week with passing practice !!!

So to the highlight of the day.   A trip to Scouse Kanka’s flat for Thai yummy food and .............. even yummier Efes !!   We had a surprise visit from Kaleci Kanka Tansu and we even sampled some of Scouse Kanka’s Laphroaig Select Cask yessssssssssss.   Thanks for your excellent hospitality Marcus !

Sorry to say that I’m still pessimistic about Ankaragucu’s chances of making the play-offs.   Even if the do make it, I shudder to think what the winner of the White Group play-offs could do to Ankaragucu !!!

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

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  1. The best part of the report was definitely the post-match curry and whisky.