Monday, April 25, 2016


Greetings Kankas and Kankies,

Yet another defeat and yet another season in the 2nd Division !    However, Ankaragucu should have put this match out of reach within 30 minutes when they had total control and countless opportunities to do so.   The fact that they didn’t gave Diyarbakir the impetus to come out in the 2nd half and show Ankaragucu how it should be done !  

The other point worthy of note is that Ankaragucu started with an attacking line-up of Emrah, Enes and Timur but had to rely on a midfielder to score their only goal !

ANKARAGUCU   1      Diyarbakir Amedspor   2

The kankas met-up in the Sports Cafe and Stadium – Gencler Kanka Alex, Patrick (attending his 2nd Ankaragucu match), Cider Kanka John, Posh Kanka Ahmet, Apple Kanka Erman, Scouse Kanka Marcus and his friend Felix.   We also welcomed Oktay Eldem (a friend of Ahmet’s) who is Head of Bursaspor Fans in Ankara.

Lots of Turkish flags in the stadium and
 lots of anti Diyarbakir and PKK chanting!!!!
The Stadium was full for this, the last home match and, of course, it goes without saying that the away end was empty !    There were Turkish flags (huge, medium size and small) everywhere and as soon as the Diyarbakir players emerged from the tunnel the anti-PKK chants began.   Hatred was in the air and I could feel it

On to the footie and Ankaragucu were ‘quick out the traps’ with an avalanche of attacks from the kick-off.   From a corner in the 1st minute the Diyarbakir goalkeeper was brought into action with a good save, followed a minute later by another from Emrah who should have scored instead of dithering and scuffing his shot.

Ankaragucu did score in the 4th minute but it was rightly chalked-off for offside.

One minute later Timur had another great chance but be was too slow and his shot was blocked.

Then in the 6th minute came the highlight of the day when Maraton performed a confetti display, most of which was blown onto the pitch !

Eventually, Ankaragucu’s constant pressure padi off in the 13th minute when Hasan collected a ball just outside the penalty box on the left and sent in a bullet of a shot which the goalkeeper didn’t sniff.   Goal of the match !

Wearing GREEN at the stadium
especially for Billy Crawford Yesssss!!!!
Ankaragucu continued to press forward and should have scored 5 minutes later after a sweeping move down the left, but the eventual shot was saved.   Then, approaching the half hour martk, Goksu went on one of his mazy runs down the right and into the penalty box, but his final shot was weak and easily saved.

Shortly after that, Ankaragucu almost paid the price of sloppy defending with Diyarbakir’s first serious attack when the 18 year old Ankaragucu debutant goalkeeper and Gurkhan left the ball for each other and a Diyarbakir attacker wasn’t quite quick enough to take advantage of the mix-up.

Still it was all Ankaragucu and again they should have increased their lead in the 32nd minute when Emrah fed the ball to Timur but he shot over when not under any pressure.

So, it was disappointing going in only one up at half time after totally dominating the match, however, attacking the Gecikondu end in the 2nd half we were still hopeful of seeing the 2nd goal.

The match had barely resumed when all Hell broke loose at the Gecikondu End with firecrackers and missiles (lighters and water bottles) being thrown down (probably at the Diyarbakir substitutes stupidly warming-up there).   More anti-PKK shouting and then the Riot Police were brought into action which incensed Gecikondu and caused even more missiles to be thrown.   Emrah sprinted towards the problem area and pleaded with the Police to withdraw, which they eventually did and the match resumed after this 6 minutes interruption.   I should also add that at the same time there was an attack on the Diyarbakir contingent in Protokol which I didn’t see because my attention was focused on Gecikondu.

We can expect a lengthy Stadium Ban at the beginning of next season for all the problems today !!!!

At this stage of the match is was still mostly Ankaragucu searching for that 2nd goal and Enes had two chances but both saved.

Then the match turned upside-down in the 66th minute with Diyarbakir seizing the inituative.   Gurhan was not having a happy time of it, and for a reason only he knows, he used his hand to deal with a cross intstead of his head !   The penalty was despatched clinically and Diyarbakir, sensing a victory, upped their game and began to dominate proceedings.

20 minutes remaining and Hasan was replaced by Sertan, then a few minutes later Emrah was replaced by Mustafa.   Diyarbakir was in full attacking mode now and the young Ankaragucu goalkeeper was being brought into the action to make crucial saves.    Teoman came on (which I didn’t see happening), but as usual he contributed little.

Then with only 5 minutes remaining, Gurhan made another faux pas.   A long ball was played to a Diyarbakir atacker but Gurkan had it covered, or so I thought.   He then allowed himself to be muscled out and disposessed.   The Diyarbakir attacker then made a cut-back to another forward and he shot into the corner with no cover for the helpless goalkeeper.

The atmosphere around the Stadium changed dramatically, but there was still time for Timur to equalise, but the Diyarbakir goalkeeper made a great save from his goalbound effort.

Into time added on and time for a ‘supporter’ to try a pitch invasion waving the Turkish flag, but he was apprehended easily due to the fact that he couldn’t run – he looked about 90 !!!

Then just before the final whistle a confrontation between 2 opposing players and .............. yessssssssssss ............ another excuse for throwing firecrackers and missiles, but it was soon brought under control and then the final whistle !

Not content to leave the Stadium peacefully as we should after so many disppointments (we’ve had lots in the last 4 years to deal with !) it was left to Gecikondu to start bad mouthing the Police and breaking and throwing chairs and missiles again !!

That lasted for about 10 minutes before they finally left the Stadium.   Wisely, the Police didn’t go into Gecikondu !

So, when it was safe, we beat a retreat to The Bigos Restaurant and Pub on Tunus Caddesi for some food and ........... Effffesssss yessssssssssss !

At this point I received a What’s App message from Maniac Kanka Harun, and I quote ...... ‘Fckn bastards players’ unquote !!!    I think he was trying to sum up the frustrations of most of us !

So, what now ?   I haven’t bothered to look at the league table yet, because as far as I’m concerned, Ankaragucu is jsut not good enough for the Play-Offs, farless for the PTT League.   I’ll look at the Maths of the situation and report later and prior to the last match away to Tuzluspor next weekend.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Couldn't be summed up fairer than that Jim. Fans didn't even have the energy for true anger, just melancholy.

  2. Great report once again Jim. Things don't appear to be getting any better unfortunately.

  3. Thanks for the report Jim

    Another hopeless and embarrassing day in the history of Ankaragucu.

    This team were more than good enough on paper to win this league. Poor coaching, poor attitudes and terrible management has lead to a pathetic campaign.

    The images and videos from the VIP section were shameful