Sunday, January 28, 2018

Ankaragucu 0-2 Altinordu match report!

Ankaragucu have started th second half of the season, the exact way that the started the first half. Slow, lacklustre and out of sorts both in defence and attack. A 2-0 defeat at home against Altinordu now makes it 1 win in 5 as Ankaragucu drop to 3rd as both Umraniyespor and Rizespor won at the weekend.

Team - Korcan, Erdem, Yusuf, Alihan, Mehmet, Arif, Sedat, Putsila, Kenan, Ilhan, Umut
Subs - Altay, Lukasz, Mahmut, Oguzhan, Ahmet, Mbamba, Tonia, Kehinde

Yusuf surprisingly was chosen to replace the suspended Gencer in defence and it would be a decision that would come back to haunt İsmail Kartal after another disastrous performance. Why he chose Yusuf over Lukasz only he knows, but it’s a decision along with the persistence in playing Ilhan no matter how bad he is playing that could end up costing him his job.

Ankaragucu started the match brightly in front of another good crowd at the 19 Mayis Stadium in Ankara. It was Altinordu who had the first chance through on the first minute from the edge of the box but Korcan saved comfortably.

Umut Nayir has been disappointing of late and had the perfect chance on the 4th minute as he broke through on goal, but he showed no composure as he blasted the ball into the side netting.

Kenan Özer had another great opportunity to put Ankaragucu ahead on the 12th minute after a brilliant cross from Sedat but his diving header went wide of the post when he should have done better.

Ankaragucu were made pay for their two missed chances 5 minutes later. A long ball from the back was flicked on by Mirkan who was unchallenged in the air by Alihan, the ball was passed across the face of goal and Erdogan saw his deflected shot go past Korcan to make it 1-0. Really poor defending from Ankaragucu with Alihan and Yusuf in particular to blame.

Ten minutes later Mirkan easily went past Yusuf before a beautiful low cross across the face of goal found Kerim who squared the ball to Olcan but his shot was cleared off the line. Ankaragucu were dominating possession but it was Altinordu who looked more dangerous in attack.

Arif Morkaya went close from 30 yards before Umut Nayir wasted another chance as his overhead kick went well over the bar from a nice cross from Kenan. Ankaragucu had one more chance before half time as Sedat saw his shot from the edge of th box saved after nice play from Mehmet Sak.

Half Time - Ankaragucu 0-1 Altinordu

Ankaragucu came out for the second half and piled the pressure on Altinordu as they searched for the equaliser. Erdem shot just wide from 25 yards. A minute later he put in a good cross for Ilhan who saw his headed come back off the post.

İsmail Kartal then made the substitution that killed the match for Ankaragucu. He replaced Putsila with Tonia and kept Ilhan on the pitch. He went 4-4-2 and from there Ankaragucu lost the momentum and looked like they could play all night and not score.

Tonia shot into the side netting on the 62nd minute before Altinordu hit Ankaragucu on the counter attack and finished the game off. They broke down the left hand side before a pin point cross from Mirkan whose header was brilliantly saved by Korcan, but Mirkan reacted first to the rebound as Alihan slipped and stroked the ball into the net to make it 2-0.

Ankaragucu had one more chance through Kehinde but he blasted it high and wide from about 8 yards to sum up the teams day. Altinordu leave Ankara with a deserved victory which leaves a lot of questions over th next few days with the transfer window set to close on Thursday.

It was another hugely disappointing performance from Ankaragucu, losing to a team at the lower end of the table. Sedat Agcay is the oldest player in the team and is the only one that can hold his head high. Mehmet Sak was booed for the last half and hour after another poor defensive performance. Yusuf Abdioglu shouldn’t find a place in the first team again and the front two of Ilhan and Umut need to find their shooting boots or they could find themselves on the bench.

Next up is Elazigspor at home next Sunday, a match Ankaragucu must win or they are in grave danger of missing out on the automatic promotion spots.


  1. Thanks for the report Nady. Not quite in the category of an Oz Kanka rant, however, it should have been !!!

    Time for a wake-up call otherwise it will be squeaky bum time again. We need to start on a winning run again. Contemplating another play-off lottery is not worth thinking about.

    I won't be able to make it this Sunday, so please do the honours again Nady, or perhaps Damon or John can do the report if they go to the match ?

  2. Anonymous1:54 pm

    Nady we have no problem with the quality of the players but a serious problem with the quality of the T.Manager .
    This guy has a basic understanding problem. A club which has a transfer ban has a technical manager who kicks out one and only skilled left wing player ( DOKA ) and keeps a man in the team who has definitely ZERO skill ( Kehinde ) . No need any more examples about İK in order to clarify his understanding capacity. This man is a disaster for our club. God should help us tooooo much to qualify this year. Volkan

  3. My main problem with him is playing Ilhan at every opportunity. Ilhan is effective as a striker, he can’t play as a winger . Also playing Yusuf last weekend instead of Lukasz was a terrible decision

  4. Anonymous10:00 pm

    I totally agree with you. İlhan does not have enough skill to play as a winger. Not fast enough.
    Also Yusuf should have no place in Ankaragücü. M.Sak is not a left back player but he should be tried as a left mid field. He has no defensive skills but good enough for midfield.
    I am waiting for tomorrow surprises from İK. Volkan.