Saturday, January 27, 2018

Ten-man Gencler come back to defeat Konya

A great comeback from Genclerbirligi after a couple of self-imposed incidents that made it so much harder than it should have been.

Genclerbirligi 2 - 1 Konyaspor

Absolutely freezing in Ankara at the moment, which made my decision to watch the match at the Alerta Pub instead of actually going to the stadium a very wise decision indeed. It was a tiny crowd at the 19 Mayis but it was nice and lively at the Alerta.

When I say "it was lively", I meant, "it was very quiet" for the first half because the football was so boring. Konya had the majority of possession but practically no shots. We were playing some rather silly stuff, some really bad passes, some shots at goal from within our own half and other rubbish.

So, it was boring, except for the very end of the first half when a Konya player sent the ball into the box. A Konya player went up for the header but the ball was well past both him and Ahmet Oguz who had gone up as well. For some silly reason though Ahmet Oguz managed to get his arm high up in the air and handballed the damn thing.

They scored the penalty. 0 - 1. It was a cherry of disappointment to go atop the cake of boringness that was the first half.

Second half though and the things truly became lively. Within the first 60 seconds Skuletic chested down a ball in the box to the new signing Stephane Sessegnon (a Benin national who we transferred from Montpellier last week) who smashed it into the net via a Konya player.

Now we are talking... 

It was looking exciting and Gencler looked like they could take the lead at any moment when Skuletic lashed out at a Konya defender that had been pushing him around. When a said "lashed out", I meant, "lightly tapped him with his boot". Still, it was very stupid and the referee was probably right to hand him an immediate red card.

Down to 10 men and still early in the second half and Konya started the pile on the pressure... but no real shots thanks to some great defensive work. 

Then the pub erupted when the ball was put into the box, plenty of Gencler shirts in there and it went to Alper Uludag's head and in.

And that was that. A great finish. In particular I look forward to seeing more of Sessegnon, he could be just what Gencler needed. 

Great stuff.

Ozat Istifa!

EDIT: By the way. Why on earth was there seven minutes of added time?

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  1. Oz Kanka is happy again yesssssssssssss !!!

    See you in the Super League next season Oz ???