Sunday, February 16, 2020


Greetings Kankas and Kankies. 

A night to remember last night when the Canaries were sent back to Istan.....spit.....bul with their feathers painted Ankara Blue  !!!

The doubters had to eat their words and the small band of Fener supporters in the away end were silenced in the 12th minute never to sing again  !!

A truly great team performance from Ankaragucu which will live long in the memory.   They never stopped running, harrying and chasing every ball and their belief spread to the supporters who sang throughout encouraging and applauding every attack and defensive move.     They showed touches of skill which we haven’t seen for some time and this bodes well for the future and moving up the league table.    Optimism is definitely back on the menu !

ANKARAGUCU       2                   Fenerbahce        1

Team – Ricardo, Kitsiou, Kulusic, Alihan, Pinto, Faty, Lukasik, Lobzhanidze (also known as Saba), Sedat, Michalak and Rodrigues

Substitutes – Ilhan, Atila and Pazdan

The kankas (Battle Damaged Kanka Damon and Maniac Kanka Haarun) met up at The Bira Park prior to the long journey out into the sticks to Eryaman Stadium where we met Posh Kanka Ahmet.

The Stadium was full and Gecikondu was in fine voice as usual all through the match, as were all the other tribunes.

Fener was first to threaten when Kruse was left unmarked on the left but his angled shot was well saved by Ricardo.

10 minutes into the match and we saw the first sign that Saba was going to cause problems down the right with his speed and anticipation.    A great pass was sent to him on the right and he scurried down the wing with Fener defender trying to catch him, crossed into the box, but Rodrigues header was just past the post.

2 minutes later and Saba was on hand to benefit from a schoolboy error in the Fener defence and he was able to run the ball into the goal with Fener defenders looking at each other for who to blame.

This was the beginning of belief on and off the field that we could actually win this and could forget about salvaging one point !!!

5 minutes later and Alihan to the rescue when he made a timely interception when a Fener attacker was shaping to shoot in a dangerous position.

25 minutes gone and Michalak should have added another when he was put through with a defence splitting pass but he shot straight at Altay when it seemed easier to score.

Approaching half time and Rodrigues took a free kick just outside the box on the left but his shot was well over.

So, a good first half with Saba causing problems on the right and some great passes from midfield to him.     Lots of reasons to be encouraged for the 2nd half.

5 minutes into the 2nd half and the one big scare of the match when Alihan headed into his own goal from a cross on the left.    Oooooos and Aaaaaaaas from all around, but ......... the referee (God bless him !!!) raised his arm for a free kick to Ankaragucu.    I suspect that Alihan was pushed which made him connect with the ball accidentally.     Relief all round and Ankaragucu continued to harry and chase every ball.

3 minutes later and it was Rodrigues who had a great chance to add a 2nd when a peach of a pass was made to him on the half way line from deep in defence.    Off he went with Fener defenders chasing him, but unfortunately he doesn’t have Saba’s speed and he was dispossessed near the penalty area.

He had another chance 3 minutes later but shot well over.

However, his moment came in the 74th minute when another fast attack came down the left wing.    The cut-back cross was sent to him just outside the box which he collected, brought under control, and fired in an unstoppable shot to the top right to send us all delirious !!

It was just a question of hanging on for the final 15 minutes and playing out the match for an historic victory.

However, Fener tried to spoil the party .........and failed .......... by scoring a consolation goal with the last kick of the match 6 minutes into time added on.

The celebrations were not to be denied and Damon and I had a mini party on arrival back in Kizilay !!!

This win moves Ankaragucu out of the relegation zone for the time being and only 7 points behind mid-table Antep.    With the fighting spirit and will to win displayed by the team last night we can be optimistic of moving further up the table in the weeks ahead.

Next Sunday is the Ankara Derby with Genclerbirligi the home team.   So, it is unclear if we will be only allowed into the small away section or if Gencler will agree to offer more areas to Ankaragucu.     Details here in the comments section and Nadeem’s preview when they are known.

Well done Ankaragucu !!!!

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Thanks for the report Jim

    Brilliant turnout and atmosphere by the fans was matched by the performance of the players on the pitch,

    Everyone done their bit with Michalak and Lobjanidze in particular very impressive. Special mention to the likes of Alihan, Faty and Sedat who have came in for criticism this season but also played well.

    Mustafa Resit Akcay has had a great start and now onto next weeks derby with Genclerbirligi

  2. Congratulations Jim, Thanks for your report.
    Ankaragücü's new players had been well-selected, point transfers.
    Ankaragücü had always good will, and fighting spirit but the team was weak. Now, team is not weak and Ankaragücü has the same fighting spirit. Ofcourse, we will see this improvement until the end of the season.

  3. I don't want to say anyhing about Fenerbahçe's foolish game plan...
    I'm sorry for my team but I'm glad to see Ankaragücü's increasing performance.

  4. Thanks for your comments Ozanhoca (Haluk). Fener was poor last season and this season only slightly better.

    It looks like they will not be playing European Footie next season, but our teams are in the process of building.

    There was one player who caught my eye last week and that was Kruse. If he had decent support from midfield and alongside, then I'm sure he would have been higher up the scoring charts. One to watch next season I think.