Greetings Kankas. You will be pleased to know that The Ankara Kanka Club has now received International recognition (well..... within Turkey anyway !!!).

Yours truly was interviewed today by Ovgu Hanim of The Internationally known newspaper (well...... within Turkey anyway) SABAH, about The Ankara Kanka Club.

The interview was brief - thankfully ! I told her about why I started to support Ankaragucu, the formation of the Ankaragucu Kanka Club, the amalgamation of Ankaragucu and Gencler kankas to form the Ankara Kanka Club, the number of foreigners supporting the Ankara teams, our disgust at the lack of support from the Turkish residents of Ankara, my advice to Cemal Aydin for the future, and of course, about the Blog.

It will feature in the Sabah within the next day or two, so........ don't forget to buy a copy or check it out on the Internet.

I'm sure Oz Kanka will give us a journalistic translation and perhaps he knows the name of the Internet site for Sabah.

Look forward to hearing your reaction in due course.

All the best from Famous, but Modest, Eski Kanka Jim



    Looking forward to it.

  2. Did anyone check Saturday's paper? There was nothing in the online edition, but perhaps in the hard copy. I'll definately buy Sabah on Sunday though... after second cricket match of the weekend.

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