Thursday, June 01, 2006

On curling, gymnastics and football

Sir Eski Kanka hates most things I like and our choice of newspapers is no different.

So just to annoy him again I've found a lovely piece in the Guardian today by Marina Hyde on various things that should not be considered a sport.

Hyde of course offends many out there and there is no way I agree with all of her conclusions but some of her stuff is priceless.

On gymnastics: "Child abuse with points"

On skateboarding: "Failure to grow up is not a sport"

On golf: "The obvious lunacy of considering something at which you can win despite being relatively old and fat allows us to dismiss golf as a pastime"

Excellent stuff. Hyde goes on to dismiss darts and snooker not to mention judo and motor racing. She has quotes Linda Smith's dismissal of that great Scottish event curling as "housework on ice".

Fortunately football is considered a sport by Hyde but I did like her finding one great anti-football quote that could only come from someone from the good ole U, S and A.

"Chuck Klosterman once wrote that "to say you love soccer is to say you believe in enforced equality more than you believe in the value of competition and the capacity of the human spirit.""

With a name like Chuck can there be any doubt that he wouldn't hate the round ball game.


  1. It is not often that I take the sword out to attack women, and for those of you who know me, you can understand that.

    However, I can only surmise that Oz Kanka is scratching around and looking for ways to upset me. Well..... he has succeeded !!

    First off, as any `Intelligent` person knows......... the Guardian is stricly for the people without hope of us ever regaining the British Empire and finishing the job in America which we didn't conquer the first time. With Tony Blair out and David Cameron on the throne in place of Charlie who knows what we can achieve ???

    I am not going to tell you which newspaper I read, but suffice to say that it is not the Guardian, Sun, Mirror, Mail, Times, Express, Independent.... so, that will give you a mega clue !!!

    As a Jock who was born and bred in East Lothian, I can't comment on the Curling game with any authority because it is usually played in the Highlands, but I feel that her comments were Anti-Scottish..... surprise surprise !!!

    Concerning darts...... how dare she say this. As we all know, two of the best players in Ankara (Oz Kanka and Eski Kanka) are both slim, and good looking whippets, and always mindful of the fact that darts is a game of skill.... therefore, a sport !!

    This lady (whoever she is) is obviously looking to stir the s**t in this lull before the World Cup footie gets underway !!

    All the best from Tall, Slim, and Sporty Eski Kanka Jim

  2. Great stuff, especially the general rubbishing of all things north of the skirt (kilt) line!!! However, I think Chuck had obviously been enjoying a few too many adult beverages (as beer is referred to in the You Ess of Eh) as that quote makes absolutely no sense to me at all.

    Sounds like the lady is doing a good job of stirring the s**t!!!

  3. By the way. Where is Zagreb Kanka? Has Sir Eski Kanka scared her off?

  4. Miss Zagreb Kankie is obviously too busy sharpening her sword in readiness to attack this stupid lady who made all those senseless comments !!

    In view of my comments about Croatia, I'm sure I have Zagreb Kankie's support ???

    All the best from Hopeful Eski Kanka Jim

  5. Anonymous8:06 pm

    Hey my dear Kankas, :-) wow wow wow wow YOU MISSED ME OZ??? :-o :-o :-o Is that possible?? :-o

    I am so sorry, I was really busy. Really really really busy. I didn't had time to post anything from my work today and most of the day I was out. I had really great day today though and very interesting. :-) I just came home and of course my dear I am reading your blogs so that I can see what I missed.
    Do you have hi5 account open? Even though there is so many people that want to add me, I refused them and many of them I erased, I would be glad to add you two. :-) You have safe entrence. ;-) Just send me on email what is you nick. You both will see me. :-) And find out all about me what you want to know. How old I am, how I look like and all. :-)
    And if you are using msn messenger we can chat. Send me that on my email. Or myspace?

    Of course my dear Eski, YOU ALWAYS HAVE MY SUPPORT!!!

    Oz, what do you mean, he scared me off? With what? It is not possible that Mr. Nice Eski can scare me. I like him!!!!
    And you as well, don't be jealous! :-p :-p

    Greetings from rainy and cold Zagreb, your Zagreb Kanka

  6. Of course we missed you Zagreb Kanka. Would you be surprised if we didn't?

    As for all that hi5 stuff, I have no idea what you are talking about. You have to remember that some of us are technologically challenged.

    I'm also afraid that I'm much to busy with work, drinking and looking after little Oz Kanka to get onto MSN.

    Just keep posting here Zagreb Kanka and I'll be happy. That's it Friday night and I'm off to a party. Byeeee

  7. Anonymous8:35 pm

    Wow what party? :-)

    I really like you there in Turkey and I love reading your blog. :-)

    Hugs from Zagreb Kanka

  8. Welcome back to the site Miss Zagreb Kankie. We were a little bit worried that we had lost you.

    As I have said many times before, you are very very welcome on our blog and we hope we will never lose you !!

    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

  9. Back from the party, completely sober, of course, and I've signed up to this hi5 thing. What do I do now Zagreb Kanka?

  10. Anonymous1:36 pm

    :-) I saw that you accepted my invitation. We are connected now. Friends always. :-) I sent you small message and every time when I will send you something you will see that it is me who sent you something and you will see me, I think it is better than normal mail since on this one you are seeing person who is sending you something.
    My dear and sweet Eski Kanka you will never loose me. Don't worry. :-)
    I was checking on your blog but I didn't had time to post anything.
    I really like you!

    Greetings from raining Zagreb, again. :-S
    Your Zagreb Kanka

  11. Anonymous1:37 pm

    By the way what is happening within Genclerbirligi?

  12. Hey...... forgive me if I have missed something, but........ Miss Zagreb Kankie.... can you give me a lead into this Hi5 site.

    Oz Kanka obviously feels pangs of jealousy that we both support Croatia and has refused to give me an assist !!

    You have my email address, so I look forward to hearing from you and joining.

    All the best from Neglected and Unloved Eski Kanka Jim

  13. Anonymous2:45 pm


    You there made me laugh! :-)

    Just accept my invitation and the program will lead you. :-)

    Hugs from Zagreb Kanka

  14. Anonymous2:46 pm

    By the way, how come you feel like unloved? I love you!

    Your Zagreb Kanka

  15. Anonymous2:30 pm

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