Saturday, June 24, 2006

Fifa reduces Turkey sentence

A bit of non-World Cup news today with the announcement that Fifa have reduced the bans on Turkey for the handbags at the end of the Turkey-Switzerland play-off match last November.

Turkey was originally given a six match behind closed doors on neutral grounds ban but this was reduced to just three matches after Fifa took into account the fact that the Turkish FA had apologised.

The original ban would have meant no home matches for Turkey in its bid to qualify for Euro 2008.

Emre Belozoglu and Benjamin Huggel also had their individual match suspensions reduced from six matches to four apiece.

A bit of good news for Turkey I guess.


  1. Common sense at last from FIFA.

    It is unfair to kick a man when he is down !!!

    `Heat of the moment` incidents are legendary in footie, so why punish one country `SEVERELY` when there are others equally as guilty ??!!

    All the best from Upstanding and Righteous Eski Kanka Jim

  2. Good to see that you are back Sir Eski Kanka. The photos are now in my hand and they shall be published shorty,

  3. at last Splatter is undermined by others on FIFA with the good of the game at heart...