Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Well ........... here we go again on the Merry-go-Round of coaches.

Hakan Kutlu resigned last night ..... not a surprise really ......... and back comes Hikmet Karaman.

As you may recall, Hikmet Bey was the Ankaragucu coach 2 years ago, and I may add, doing a fairly good job, until he had a `dust-up` with the Mighty Cemal Aydin. In came Hans Peiter Briegel ..... lots of oooohsss and ahhaaaas all round.

At this stage there was lots of euphoria with such a highly respected coach and Hakan Kutlu was more or less assigned as his deputy. Good move we all thought.

However, Herr Briegel had a `difference of opinion` with Cemal Aydin - out he went after a short stay - and in came Hikmet Karaman. Again, all was going well with Hakan Kutlu acting as deputy until, after another dispute, Hikmet Bey was `shown the door`.

Decision time .......... and easy option ...... let's throw Hakan Kutlu into `the deep end` and see what happens !

Therefore, my sword is not out for Hakan Kutlu who has Ankaragucu coursing through his veins. Under the circumstances, he has given his best with his limited experience and resources.

My advice to him now is to take on a team in the 2nd or 3rd League to gain some coaching and managerial experience and come back to his HOME team when is has gained the experience and confidence to manage a team in the Super League - perhaps in a few years time.

As for Hikmet Karaman, I say ............. welcome back. He is a well known and respected coach in Turkey who is well able to motivate a team.

Perhaps we can forget about `alarm bells` and go forward under his guidance. He now has 5 days to show us his talents and put us back on the rails again.

Go to it Hikmet Bey !

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Anonymous7:20 am

    Morning everyone,

    Wow this Eski Kanka guy is fast. I woke up this morning to find out from the official Ankaragucu webpage that Kutlu had resigned. I was all ready to get in touch with Eski to relay the news on to him when I found that Eski had not only heard the news but had also written his own article about it (much more informative than the one on the official page, I might add). I should have come to the Round Ball in Ankara first.

    Have a good one everyone,

    Battle Damaged Kanka Damon

  2. Thanks for your complimentary words Battle Damaged.

    Always remember that The Round Ball in Ankara is the oracle and we are the fountain of all footie knowledge in Ankara.

    Look foward to seeing you at the Kayseri match this weekend and watching Hikmet Karaman doing an impression of Fatih Terim's hand signals from the touchline !

    Can he motivate them to their 2nd league victoreeee of the season ??!!

  3. Anonymous3:21 pm

    not hikmet karaman!!probobly ümit kayıhan will be our coach

  4. Hey, Kanka's of Ankara, Umit Kayihan Hoca is coming to Ankaragucu....

    He is good man...