Thursday, October 02, 2008

Sounds like a good idea to me

I've quoted Steven Wells a number of times on this blog and he has just come up with another brilliant idea for footy:

We should tool the refs up. Not with guns, obviously. That would be stupid. But certainly with tasers...

Let's make the players wear undergarments laced with a filigree of superconductive wiring. One word of dissent, one raised eyebrow, the slightest suggestion of a smirk, one tiny gesture of sarcastic applause and the offending player is dealt a brief but instructive agony. This could be particularly effective with those players feigning injury. Bzzzzzzt! Get up. Bzzzzzzzzt! Get up. Repeat as needed.

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  1. Anonymous10:13 pm

    Battle Damaged Kanka said. . .

    A good read. My brother's an electrical engineer, I'm sure he could devise a system that would allow for the zapping of but a single player at a time or as many as a whole team if necessary. The shocks might even be sufficiently effective to eliminate the need for cards. The next step could be to wire the stadium itself, so the next time someone shouted out i_ _ e hakem it would be sure to be their last.

  2. Sorry ..... can't agree.

    It this age of compensation culture the courts would be unable to handle all the extra cases !

    As for Battle Damaged's comments .... chuckle chuckle. Can you imagine Ankaragucu supporters behaving like those nice little Almaar supporters ??

    Sitting nicely in their seats and clapping .... Alkmaar clap clap clap .... Alkmaar clap clap clap ??!!

    Let's stick with red cards and berating the bloody refs !!

  3. Anonymous11:58 am

    Of late, at least we have something to clap about in Alkmaar:

    03-10 AZ vs Sparta:

    27-09 Willem II vs AZ:

    23-09 AZ vs Heracles Almelo (cup):

    20-09 AZ vs PSV:

    The production of goals is yet again according to AZ norms. Yesterday El Hamdaoui found the net already after 33 seconds. Through the fastest goal this season the striker underlines his sharpness and great form and is currently top scorer in the Dutch league with 6 goals.

    And as one can see in the videos the next goal even more beautiful than the last. So there! We look forward to putting our hands together for the team more often this season in Alkmaar.

    AZ Kanka