Friday, October 17, 2008


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

The Groups for the next round of Turkish Cup matches have been announced today.


Gaziantep BBS







In an ideal world, it would have been great if Ankaragucu had been drawn in Group C, however, as we all know, you only reach the Cup Final by beating the teams that come in front of you !

The teams will play each other once only, so here's hoping Fener come to Ankara. The first round of matches will be played on 28 and 29 October and I'll post the Ankaragucu home matches when they are announced.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Edit No1 -

Maniac Kanka has just informed me of the Cup fixtures, which are -

28 or 29 October - ANKARAGUCU v Fenerbahce
11 or 12 November - Bursa v ANKARAGUCU
27 or 28 December - ANKARAGUCU v Tokat (3rd League Team)
6 or 7 January - Eskisehir v ANKARAGUCU

Firm details will be announced when known.


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  2. i find it extremely funny, when supporters of a club that cannot even dream playing in champions league, get satisfaction from making fun of besiktas. i guess this is a symptom of being a looser, who support a team that gives no satisfaction whatsoever. well apart from occasional internal fan violence.

  3. I find it extremely funny that so many people don't know the difference between "looser" and "loser".

  4. well i was sure that a loser would recognize his name, even if it is misspelled. i was not mistaken. just proves my point again.

  5. I am pleased that you find this blog `funny` Ahmet.

    However, you should not under-estimate the feelings that we Ankaragucu supporters feel about Sekiztrash. Your supporters come here looking for trouble and you should know by now that we don't walk away !!

    There is something in the Ankaragucu supporters which you don't have in Istan....spit...bul and that is LOYALTY.

    We will support our team through good and bad, even if we are not in the Chimps Leeeg.

    Also, you should learn not to generalise about supporters. There is good and bad in every supporter group and we in The Round Ball in Ankara (Kanka Group) go to matches to admire and appreciate footie.

    If you take your blinkers off and come and watch Ankaragucu and Gencler then you will see players TRYING to play the great game.

    Don't be so sensitive !!

  6. Anonymous7:18 am

    Battle Damaged Kanka here.
    Ah, yes, Ahmet, to make it to the Champions League and make Champions League history in the process. You must still be basking from that match's results. To travel to England and etch your team's name (and unfortunately to some extent the name of Turkish football in general) in the minds of football fans around the world for years and years and years to come. Is that the kind of satisfaction you were referring to? I agree. I, personally, found that history-making match highly satisfying as well.
    Bottom line: you guys earned the nickname, so stop your whining.

  7. are not exactly having the best response right now to these comments from a we only win when CimBom and FB cannot be bothered and then lose 8-1 to a team who win nothing in England supporters.

    Oh dear now its 3-0 and only 13 minutes played.

  8. i was in anfield road when liverpool kicked our buts. they were supreme, and what we played something that -it was not football- didn't even deserve a place in mamak dump yard.

    the point i am trying to make is different one. i went to kop stand's pubs after the game to have few beers and sing together. none in the pub, being the only side in the world who deserved to make fun of us, made fun of us. of course there were normal teases flying in the air, but none were trying to be insulting.

    i am not sure how familiar you guys are with turkish language. there is a saying in turkish that summarizes your behavior very well. "to go to the bridal chamber with someone elses penis." if you beat us 8-0, you guys can call us 8tash or what ever you want. just like galatasaray fans can call you 8gücü. remember the game which served ankaragücü's finances a lot?

    but the fact is you did not win 8-0. but liverpool did. you are getting your satisfaction, that is making demeaning comments about a team you don't particularly like, from some other team's satisfaction. that is in my book one of the symptoms of being a loser.

    you have all the rights not to like us. we don't care. but show this with your achievements -on or off the pitch-

    don't talk about loyalty to besiktas fans. just watch some besiktas games on tv and listen to the stands you will see what i mean.

    and battle damaged kanka, the satisfaction that i got from the game was to go there, and support my team even if we were 8-0 down. and plus the satisfaction i got from beating the same team a week ago, and being appreciated by their supporters for our support during the previous game.

    i followed your blog very enthusiastically at the begining, for the same reason eski kanka jim. that people round the globe were appreciatong the great game in my mother town. sad that the culture of the stands which you follow the game, i mean the traditional middle anatolian conservative xenophobic attitude, blurred the way you follow this great game.

  9. ahmet,

    the kankas can call besiktas whatever they want, this is their blog......they have nothing to prove to you have got rid of Mr69 you may cease to be the butt of so many jokes.....but really Besiktas were poor against the pool and before you say anything about CimBom please check what I have said about some of the bloody awful performances from them...if you don't want to be reminded about Liverpool what about Matalist Kharkiv but instead of indulging in insults and meaningless accusations about the understanding of the language which is rather gratuitous and some cheap psychology just grwo up a bit.....

  10. Great stuff Ahmet C. Toker. I see you have taken on board my spelling lesson concerning the word "loser".

    For your next English lesson (which also works for Turkish for that matter), I suggest the subject of capitalisation. When you start a sentence it is normally good form to begin it with a capital letter.

  11. Ahmet, you said; "i followed your blog very enthusiastically at the begining, for the same reason eski kanka jim. that people round the globe were appreciatong the great game in my mother town."

    Am I right in understanding that by "mother town" you mean Ankara?

  12. ee cummings did not use any punctuation marks, neither was he a fan of capitalisatioN. the written form of thai lacks even white spaces between wordS. still i am sure there are many thai people enjoy the beautiful poems of cummingS.

    the point is not how you write you, but what you writE. and most of the time when people don't have something to say substantial in answer, they prefer drawing the attention to the style or spelling or capitalisatioN.

    let me indulge myself in cheap psychology, or sociology if her highness gulay the blog authority allows mE. this is also typical of middle eastern public discourse, which seem to have affected even the expats in ankara -which is my hometowN.

    last point, i am not making ANY accusations on your understanding of the languagE. i used the word familiaritY. i was not sure if you were familiar with turkish idiomS. i myself am not familiar with scottish, english or american idioms, and would not be offended if you guys had made the same commenT. no offendS.

  13. Ahmet, you really are something else, and believe it or not, I like your sense of humour.

    I suggest that you come and meet us Kankas on your next visit to your HOME TOWN of Ankara (by the way, golly gosh, another Istanbul team supporter from Ankara - how unusual ??!!).

    I'm sure that after a few `refreshments` we can put all animosity aside and have a fun evening talking footie !

    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim