Saturday, October 25, 2008

Radio blogging from behind the Internet wall

Denizlispor 2 - 2 Genclerbirligi

1:55 pm: Afternoon all, well good afternoon to all of you who have managed to get around the internet ban on blogger. I still haven't figured out why a court in Diyarbakir has banned all Turkish internet uses from seeing blogspot blogs but heh, hats off, somehow or other they managed to find someone somewhere on the internets saying something naughty.

1:58 pm: Kick off in two minutes. Trusty portable radio by my side.

2:01 pm: Sounds like Aussies Bruce Djite and James Troisi are starting. Good stuff. Peep, peep, peep

2:01 pm: GOAL... Troisi scores 25 seconds in. Brilliant!!!!!

Denizli 0 - 1 Genclerbirligi

2:04 pm: Burhan has a shot. Off the post and out. This is good stuff. Gencler on the attack again.

2:08 pm: Denizli have a couple of shots, sounds like they were close. Lig Radyo decides to go around the grounds... so I decide to have a cigarette.

2:12 pm: News of a goal, but from whom or which team?

2:13 pm: Damn, it was Denizli... not sure what happened.

Denizli 1 - 1 Genclerbirligi

2:17 pm: Header onto goal, out for a corner. Denizli clear.

2:24 pm: Erkan Ozbey injured in defence. Ado coming on. Denizli attacking full on, Izzet for Denizli is having a blinder (he scored the Denizli goal) and only some heroics from keeper Peric stop him.

2:25 pm: By the way, Eski Kanka Jim just sent me an e-mail, "If you are free tonight, why not join Maniac and I in Cappadokia at 6.30pm to watch Bursa stuff Fener!" Love to join you lot but I'm looking after Little Oz Kanka tonight, the wife has run off to Istanbul for four days.

2:34 pm: Peric is being kept busy. Tense stuff.

2:35 pm: The commentator says that outside the first five minutes Genclerbirligi have done nothing.

2:37 pm: Gencler get a free kick in a good position. Four-man wall. Nas has a shot, comes off someone and attack petres out (or should that be "peters out"). In other news, Ankaraspor have scored against Kocaeli.

2:48 pm: GOAL! Both Aussies are on the score sheet! Djite scores after some great build up work from Pektemek. And that's half time.

Half time scores
Denizlispor 1 - 2 Genclerbirligi
Ankaraspor 1 - 0 Kocaelispor

3:01 pm: About to get back under way. Seems like the first half was all Denizli, except for the very start, and the very end.

3:08 pm: Ankaraspor have gone 2-0 up.

3:18 pm: Ankaraspor go 3-0 up. In the important game though Denizli are attacking hard.

3:20 pm: Kahe is coming on. Not sure who came off. oh, it also seems we missed a "100 percent chance", says the commentator. If it was a "100 percent chance" it would have been a goal :(

3:23 pm: Peric stuffs up, leaves a ball for Izzet... who misses. Phew. By the way it was Pektemek who went off for Kahe.

3:25 pm: Lig Radyo have lost their feed... and so have gone back to the Ankaraspor match... Hopeless

3:30 pm: Hakan Aslantas one-on-one with the keeper but doesn't make it. Damn. Some good work from Kahe to set him up. Ankaraspor go 4-0 up.

3:32 pm: Denizli almost score, ball in the net but ref says their was a foul on Peric.

3:33 pm: This time Kahe fails in a one-on-one. Commentator says it was a 99 percent chance.

3:37 pm: Burhan off and Kerem on. No more subs for us. About 10 minutes left.

3:39 pm: Damn! Izzet equalizers. We should have finished this match off ages ago.

Denizlispor 2 - 2 Genclerbirligi

3:43 pm: A few minutes left and the criticism of coach Mesut Bakkal for taking Burhan off has already started on the Genclerbirligi fan forums.

3:45 pm: Another amazing save from the Denizli keeper. Arrgghh.

3:50 pm: Free kick to us, dangerous position. Denizli have 11 men behind the goal. Nothing happens. We are in extra time.

3:52 pm: This time Engin Baytar has a shot and Cenk saves for Denizli again. Their keeper has saved Denizli.

3:53 pm: Peep peep peep. Match over. 2-2

Post match thoughts: Getting a draw away from home is a good result but we should have won it. Seems as if the man-of -the match should go to Denizli keeper Cenk. Good to see both Troisi and Djite scoring their first league goals for Gencler. Next week, we are home to Antalyaspor. Sunday 2pm KO. See you at the Chopin at midday.

And the other match?
Ankaraspor 4 - 0 Kocaelispor

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  1. Love this live blogging Oz. Keep up the good work.
    I suppose I should mention that the stuffing in Istanbul was done by Fener grrrrrr. 5-2 !
    Thanks to vtunnel for making this still happen, and hopefully the status quo will be with us soon in Turkey..... Inshallah !
    Off to the Chopin soon for pre-match entertainment. Hope I will have good news to report tomorra ?!