Thursday, August 04, 2011

Ankaragucu 4-0 Kızılcahamam Pursaklar !

Ankaragucu won there latest Pre Season friendly match at our training ground tonight thanks to goals from Marek Sapara (2), Ediz and Ergin Keles. Its the first game we have played since returning from Holland. With the season starting late there will be a few more friendly matches to come in order to keep the players match fit.

Team Line Up


Guven Ediz Aydin Ishak

Jose Kagan Sapara Tonia

Fatih Sestak

Subs Used: Serdar, Santiago, Theo, Gokhan, Turgut, Hurriyet, Murat, Umut, Ergin

Both Ahmet and Melih Gokcek were at the game looking like Gangsters from some Italian film, sorry Damon not stereo typing Italians lol. Damon also has some news on Mesut possibly leaving with Gokceks and been replaced with Hikmet Karaman who has resigned from his job at Manisaspor.


  1. I agree, that's what they look like, Nadeem.

    As for Mesut we'll just have to see, but it looks as if a Cengiz Topel Yıldırım/Hikmet Kahraman pair up may very well be on the way. Never know though. Just have to wait at this point.

  2. Anonymous10:05 am

    Ho ho ho. Nadeem hasn't had the opportunity of seeing Damon in his black cashmere coat, Italian leather shoes with silver buckles and his luvvlie sexy gloves. Now ..... that's what I would call an Al Capone lookalike !!!!

    I respect Hikmet Bey and think he's a good coach, but pleeezz pleeeezzzz don't let Mesut Bey leave just yet. He's started something, got the team buzzing, so let him finish the job before booting him out the door.

    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

  3. Guys, Ahmet Gokcek says he won't stand again as Ankaragucu chairman (Sabah Ankara section today).

    Says all the court cases (against his illegal actions let's not forget) make his position impossible. Says it's a pity because he had great plans for the club. Says he doesn't know who'll stand but hopes it's Cengiz (Topel?).

    And here's the charming kicker: Says whoever wants to take over the club will need to be prepared to spend a lot because there's 24 million liras in debt.

    there's a legacy for you. But surely it's good news in that at least it means a new start....


  4. Also of note here is the fact that Little Gokcek actually said 24 "trillion" in debt.

    Now, it's been six years since Turkey stripped six zeroes off the currency. There may be a few old biddies in mountain villages who haven't heard yet, but for Ahmet Gokcek to use "old money" raises serious doubts in my mind about his ability to manage a multi-MILLION lira business.

    Can you imagine Alex Ferguson stepping out and announcing the sale of Tevez for 86 thousand shillings? it's ridiculous.

    rant over. enjoy the beach while I drink excess coffee at work...


  5. Anonymous4:00 pm

    With Oz Kanka absent in Ingallind or Downunder, up steps Spine to be the Blog Ranter !!! ho ho ho ha ha ha - well done Steve !!!

    On a serious note, it is going to be very interesting to see who is going to find the dosh to take Ankaragucu out of the red and keep the players salaries going this season.

    Are we ever going to be able to report good news again on this Blog asks Eski Kanka Jim ??!!

  6. for me this is good news, he had big plans my arse, he couldnt even pay the players. Before you do anything you do the basics.

    As spine said hes using old money, How much is 24 trillion lira anyway ?

    some good news jim, at least we have a sponsor this season, looks like anadolou jet.

    I hope it is Cengiz as well, Harun likes him which is a good thing.