Sunday, August 07, 2011

Sapara's Return

photo of Sapara nicked from

If you followed the blog last season you may remember Nadeem and Harun voting for Rajnoch as player of the year while Jim and I placed our votes for Marek Sapara. Well, if last night was any indication, in a sense, we were all right as our lone goal was the result of a well placed pass by Rajnoch into the penalty box where Sapara picked it up and proceeded to chip it into the back of the net.

As far as I could tell the match was not broadcast live to any of the channels we receive in Ankara, so any and all commentary is based on secondary sources.

Fotomac for example rated the players as follows.

: Ahmet Şahin xx, Başaran x (Macede dk.46 x), Cabezas xxx (Dilaver dk. 80 x), Ufuk xx (Hakan Bayraktar dk. 46 xx), Murat xx, Kemal xx, Gurur xx, Lazar xxx, Selim xx, Santos xx, Zenke xxx (Burak dk. 74 x)

ANKARAGÜCÜ: Serdar xx, Güven xx (Aydın dk. 73 x), Rajnoch xx, Kelhar xx (Ediz dk. 80 x), Murat xx, Hürriyet xx, Kağan (Gökhan dk. 80 x), Sapara xxx (Lewis zdk. 62 x), Turgut xx (Vızıo dk. 80 x), Vıttek x (Fatih Tekke dk. 65 x), Tısdell xx (Sestak dk. 59 x)

According to these ratings at least, it looks like we were lucky to come out of this match with a draw. This is worrisome as Samsun are a team that just came up out of the second division.

We scored our goal in the 34th minute, but we weren't able to defend our lead into the second half. Again if you have been following the blog regularly, this will come as no surprise, as our defense was the second worst in the league last season.

Towards the end of the second half Serdar was challenged a couple of times but held his ground, and when all was said and done we emerged with a 1-1 tie. Satisfying on one level, but we should be doing better by now.

Can we take it to another level? We shall soon find out in the capital city cup. Stay tuned. For some great match photos, please visit the following address:


  1. Anonymous11:08 am

    True enough. The form book says that we should have beaten Samsun. However, at the risk of repeating myself, this match was still under the umbrella of a 'pre-season friendly'. Therefore, I'm sure Mesut Bey would have told his players to avoid injury and just try to put into practice what tactics were used on the Training Ground and previous pre-season friendlies.

    Let's hope Sapara can stay injury free for the season. We need him to orchestrate things in the midfield, and hopefully he will form a successful partnership with Hurriyet.

    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

  2. Jim, true, but I'm sure Vladimir Petkovic was telling his his team more or less the same. We should be doing better if our goal is come even close to where Ersun Yanal was able to take the team.

  3. kinda agree with both posts above. First of all it is only pre season and we need to make sure players are getting fitness and trying new tactics. But at the same time that goes for both teams and of all the big games we have played in pre season we have either lost or drawn.

    Defence is still week, midfield looks good and attack looks good but need to find consistency up front as well