Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cengiz Topal checks in while Tonia and Serdar check out !

Picture taken from Haberclick

Cengiz Topal has become Ankaragucu new president after the paperwork was signed over to him yesterday. The Gokceks and Cemal Aydin have vowed to help Cengiz get Ankaragucu out of this mess and work together.

Ankaragucu were looking at relegation to the Bank Aysa or even going out of business had Cengiz not taken over. So while there is some good news, there are still many questions to be asked and many challenges that the new management will face.

The first thing that we will be faced with is loosing some of our top players.. Serdar Kubilge has already announced on his twitter page that he has left the club, while Tonia Tisdel has signed a 1 year loan deal at Mersin. Tonia claimed he had to move while there was so much uncertainty at the club.

Marek Sapara could be set for a move to Trabzonspor, Stanislav Sestak is wanted by both Besiktas and Bursaspor. Tita and Ozgur Cek are also wanted by Bursaspor. With the season just under 2 weeks away Mesut is left with a huge task this season of Keeping Ankaragucu in the Super Lig. Indeed his place isn't even safe with reports claiming Hikmet Karaman will replace him.

The management need to look at ways Ankaragucu can make money, they have started that with the sponsorship deal with Anadolu Jet and the return of Season Ticket sales next week. The club also needs to look at spreading the brand of Ankaragucu with more club shops, merchandise and marketing and moving Stadium.

The league fixtures will be announced shortly so there will be an update on that, in the meantime i urge all you Kankas to get behind the team this season, it wont be nice to watch but the club needs you !!!


  1. i meant to add, what a blow loosing Tonia, i was really looking forward to seeing him this season. big prospect and Mersin have pulled off a major coup with this one

  2. Bursaspor have confirmed today that they want to sign Adem Kocek to

  3. Anonymous12:26 pm

    Very well said Nadeem. I think our patience threshold will be stretched to the limit this season before a ball has been kicked in the league.

    If Sestek, Sapara and Vittek go then we have to ask who is leading the line ? Fatih and Turgut Dogan and who else to back them up ?

    Is Murat Duruer going to make the left full back position his own and give opposing teams an easy route to goal ?

    Yes, by all means, welcome aboard Cengiz Bey, but surely his first task should have been to make it clear to Tonia that his future was with Ankaragucu.

    Mesut Bey now has a headache and I don't envy his task one bit.

    I think this season is going to be like Mountaineering Kanka Robbie climbing the last 100 metres of Mount Kilimanjaro !!!!

    All the best from pessimistic Eski Kanka Jim

  4. Sir Eski wrote:

    "I think this season is going to be like Mountaineering Kanka Robbie climbing the last 100 metres of Mount Kilimanjaro !!!!"

    The difference is that the Mountaineering Kankas made it.

  5. Cengiz has just said that he wants to keep the team togeather especially sapara, sestak and vittek. The one good thing is that Tonia is only moving on loan. So if we can sort our problems out we can get him back next season

  6. Anonymous1:31 pm

    cengiz wont be alone on this road because as far as i remember when the time of vassell we had a good financial source, at least somedody was backin up us with the guarantorship hope these people are strong enough to pull this sinking ship(i strongly believe this),so we can make something good out of this chaos...


  7. hope your right Onur, but reports today have all our big players linked with other clubs. Players are still unpaid in five months. Its all a big mess after a good pre season

  8. Well, certainly never a dull moment as an Ankaragücü fan. We definitely have more of a dramatic flair than Gençler does.

  9. looks like Adem has left the club and set to sign for Bursaspor :-(

    also the clubs training facilities are not in use due to unpaid electricity bills