Monday, March 12, 2012

Ankaragucu owed £8 Mllion !

The Turkish FA and Spor Toto owe Ankaragucu £8 Million but haven't gathered the money yet.

So here we have a club unable to pay there players wages, pay electricity bills at there training facility, and unable to feed there players. Yet we are owed £8 Million and the Turkish FA are amongst those that owe us the money.

Ankaragucu also received money at the start of the season for TV Money from DigiTurk and other Sponsorship money, where has this money gone ? There are debts of £90 Million Turkish Lira and a transfer ban, yet the management can explain where this debt has come from ?

Its time UEFA stepped in and had a look at what goes on in Turkish Football, or Corruption will kill there game.

In other news, Yeni Malatayaspor will be playing in the amateur league next season after dicussions between the TFA and UEFA. Yeni have also got huge financial problems like us and it wasnt that long ago they were in the Turkish Super Lig and the UEFA Cup. Sad times.


  1. Yes Nadeem, there are lots of cobwebs that need to be blow away to reveal the financial mess that is Ankaragucu.

    Sorry to hear about Malatyaspor. I remember a few years back watching them knock Galatasaray out of the Turkish Cup on a snow affected pitch in Malatya.

    This will be a bitter pill for the locals to swallow in view of the fact that local rivals, Elazig, is poised to join the Super League.

  2. maybe need to get spine to investigate this jim, but i was told that the 8 million will go to ender yurtuguven and ayhan atalay. Both of these men are now working under the gokceks at Ankaraspor, so the money will go to ankaraspor

  3. ok so i have more information jim on whats behind the Turkish FA giving the money to Ankaraspor.

    The Gokceks are claiming we owe them £40 Million. Our debt is £50 Million and of that debt £40 Million is apparantly owed to the Gokceks.

    So baiscally this illegal take over for the gokceks has resulted in Ankaragucu owing them 40 million and been relegated, while ankaraspor will get the money and sign some very good players and play in the Turkish Super lig. and the turkish fa and governmet allow this to happen ?

  4. Aaaaarrrgh ......... God, where are you when we need you !!!!