Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Serol Demirhan rejects new contract !

Very Disappointed at this after all we have done for him. As Hakan Kutlu said, he was in the third league a few months back. Good riddance if you dont want to be here.

Two Ankaragucu players agreed to one year extensions on there contract, but one star player rejected his offer.

Mert Erdogan and Veli Torun have both agreed to 1 year extensions of there current contracts keeping them at the club to June 2013. Mert has come through the Ankaragucu youth team while Veli Torun returned from a loan spell at Yozgatspor.

Serol Demirhan has rejected a new contract at the club much to the anger of his boss Hakan Kutlu. The Manager stated " We have brought Serol from the third division and gave him experience in the Super Lig, we are disappointed and he wont be in the team for the moment if he doesn't want to be here.. "

Ahmet Gokcek and Cemal Aydin are also locked in bitter words blaming each other for the debt at Ankaragucu.


  1. ive just been informed that Serol Demirhan will sign for Ankaraspor at the end of the season along with Bilal Gulden.

    They will be joined by Theo Weeks, Tonia Tisdell, Santiago Vizio and Jose Sardon all ex Ankaragucu as Ankaraspor look to build a team for the super lig

  2. and serdar kubilge has also agreed to sign for them

  3. Can things get any worse me asks ??!!

    Oz Kanka and I were musing last night that Ankaragucu may end up in a similar situation to Malatyaspor !