Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ankaragucu vs Bursaspor Match Preview !

Ankaragucu travel to Bursa on Sunday as the club prepare for there last trip to Bursaspor in the Super Lig until the Foreseeable future.

Ankaragucu vs Bursaspor is one of the strangest fixtures in the Turkish Calendar. Both sets of supporters support each other and even sing each others songs.

It all goes back to the early 90's when Texas leader Abdulkerim Bayraktar went to study in Ankara. He would regularly attend Ankaragucu matches and the two clubs formed a friendship. The friendship grew even stronger when sadly Abdulkerim Bayraktar was killed while serving for the Turkish Army. Both sets of fans attended the funeral and Ankaragucu fans walked onto the Bursa pitch with a banner that read ' Our brother Abdul will never die, he lives in our hearts forever '

The mayor of Bursa has welcomed the Ankaragucu fans to there city for the weekends games and will help with Accommodation and transport as a gesture during these tough times for Ankaragucu. Indeed Bursaspor had there own financial problems a few years back when they were also relegated. They have come back stronger and Won the league just over a year ago and have represented Turkey in the Champions League.

Both sides met in Ankara in the first match between the two sides this season. The game ended in a 0-0 draw in which Ankaragucu were unlucky not to have taken the three points. From the team that started that night only Aydin Toscali, Ishak Dogan and Mehmet Tasci remain at Ankaragucu. The club have failed to win in there last 13 games although there have been signs of improvement.

A 2-0 home to defeat against Fenerbahce at the weekend saw a lot of positives as Ankaragucu passed the ball well and created a few good chances. Bursaspor have hit good form as they look to fight for a UEFA Cup place and also have an outside chance of a Champions league place. They are unbeaten in there last 6 games and will be hoping to add another victory.

Sebastian Pinto has been a big part of the resurgence up the table for Bursaspor. He has scored 4 goals in 9 games and looks a very good player, Scott Carson has been solid in goal and Pablo Battala continues to pull the strings in midfield. Ankaragucu will be looking for players like Aydin Toscali, Bilal Gulden and Ishak Dogan to step up and play but they will be without Serol Demirhan who has rejected a new contract with the club and looks set for a move to Ankaraspor.

Ankaragucu dont have a great record in the BursAnkara derby, and with Bursa playing for Europe there looks to be only one winner in this match.


  1. The match is on Saturday KO 7pm.

    Also, our plan to watch the match in The Red Lion Club has fallen through due to a Private Party being scheduled for that evening.

    So, with the Istanbul Derby having an 8pm KO we are rather screwed for a venue.

    Rather sad isn't it ? All the Ankara pubs will be showing a match from another city !!!

  2. Having taken note and discussed Eski Kanka's wrath (rant !), Digiturk have seen sense and changed the KO time for the Bursa v Ankaragucu from 7pm to 5.30pm.

    Isn't it amazing the power The Round Ball in Ankara has on Turkish Footie ??!!

    So, we will meet in The Chopin at about 5ish to watch the 'match of the day'. See you there kankas.

  3. things get even worse, removal teams headed by ayhan atalay a former Ankaragucu director and friend of gokcek took 650,000 worth of ankaragucu merchandise today from the training facilities :-(

  4. One day (in the far distant future) we might receive a snipit of good news about Ankaragucu.

    btw, you notice I did say ..... 'might' !!!