Monday, March 05, 2012

MKE announce record Profits

Came accross and artilce in the Hurriyet newspaper yesterday which i found quite interesting.

Have a look and see what you think

Well done to MKE, any business that can announce a profit in this day and age are doing well for themselves. But why cant they help Ankaragucu?

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  1. Well, the thing is Nadeem that any business connected to the military machine world wide is doing 'A' OK.

    MKE and Aselsan are no exceptions and there I think you have your answer to their profitability.

    However, as to why they 'seem' to be reluctant to involve themselves in Ankaragucu .... mmmm.... that's a political question me thinks !

    As it happens, I've always wondered since I started supporting Ankaragucu in 1988 why MKE was not more 'up front' in Club affairs.

    Perhaps our 'mole' Spine can answer this question ??!!