Monday, April 23, 2012

Ankaragucu players come to the end of their contract !

Ankaragucu are set to loose more players as Aydin Toscali, Muhammed Turkmen, Serol Demirhan, Veli Torun, Mehmet Cogum and Mert Erdogan all come to the end of their contracts at the end of the season. Atilla Aybars Garhan left this week to sign for Karabukspor and it looks like the others could join him in seeing their future elsewhere. Ankaragucu will be hoping the congress on the 20th of May will see someone come in and pay the 7 Million to lift the current transfer ban. At this rate there wont be any players left. In other news Orhan Evci was taken to hospital after suffering a pollen allergic reaction during the game with Samsunspor at the weekend. Best wishes to him and we at the Round Ball in Ankara wish him a speedy recovery. Young Ishak Dogan has also been called up to the Turkish Under 21 squad and the youngster said he has no regrets about choosing Turkey over Germany.


  1. As I mentioned in the past few posts, I've been watching the 'amateur' league footie in the mini-stadium outside the main Stadium and the footie on display has been quite impressive.

    If the leaves keep falling off the Ankaragucu tree at this rate then it may mean bringing some more of these 'boys' from Keciorengucu and Ankara Demirspor into the team just to keep the name ..... Ankaragucu ...... alive.

    Only God knows what's going to happen in the close season. Surely we have exhausted all the bad news and there is some good news around the corner. That statement written without my optimism pills !!!

  2. Id rather we kept the name Ankaragucu and had some years of toughness, than the name dies and some manufactured team takes its place like Ankaragucu A.S or something.

    The congress is on may 20 so we will need to see what happens then. BTW any news on how to do paragraphs ?

  3. Agreed. The name 'Ankaragucu' MUST survive at any cost !

    Re the paragraphs thingie ...... our Webmaster advised the following .......

    The main thing is don't write the post in microsoft word. Write it in notepad or any basic editor. Microsoft word stuffs everything up.

    Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with these and he will give me some 'On the Job' training.

    How about you, Nadeem, can you handle these ? If not, please come to Ankara and join our computer classes !!!!

  4. haha ive no idea what he means, I just do it through google chrome and then type in the box provided when its new post.