Saturday, April 14, 2012

New Ankaragucu book !

Greetings Kankas, I have now completed the Ankaragucu book i have been working on and it is now available to purchase from the above link. You just click on it and it will give you a preview and along the bottom there is a buy now option.

The book was made to remind us of the good times in the clubs history, my computer was full of Ankaragucu photos, so i thought it would be a good idea to make one. The book is for sale at £19 and that is the website who publishes the books price, i don't make anything from it. It is available in softback, and hardback, although the hardback is a few pounds more expensive.

Hope you enjoy it and spread the word. In other news, well done to Hibs on progressing to the Scottish Cup final, im sure Jim will be in a good mood. And Ankaragucu lost 3-1 to Karabukspor. Ill let Jim report on that.


  1. Well done Nadeem. The preview looks good and I'm sure it will be a 'bestseller' in Ankara !

    I'm just waiting to hear if Damon will be our point of order/delivery. If he agrees, then we can make one order for all the kankas who wish to buy it. If he doesn't ....... well, we can just order it individually.

    What say you Damon ???

  2. i will have mine by the 1st of may as it needs to be made up now, the company who make it Blurb are a huge company from the USA and have excellent reviews so im confident it will look good.

    The kankas are all in there from the games me and rebecca came to see !

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  4. Oh, man, you mean we are actually IN the book?!

    Anyway, yeah, those of us here in Ankara will work out the ordering shortly.

  5. yes of course lol, we are all in it, the Kanka group had to be in there as they are what brought me to Ankaragucu :-)

  6. I saw the photos in the preview which Nadeem sent. Fame at last for The Round Ball in Ankara and The Kanka Group !

    Nice touch Nadeem.