Friday, April 27, 2012

Cemal Aydin trying to sell Ishak Dogan !

Melih Gokcek today claimed on his twitter that Cemal Aydin is trying to sell Ishak Dogan in the same way he did with Turgut Dogan Sahin and Atilla Aybars Garhan. Ankaragucu received 600k for Atilla Aybars, and the money has been used to pay the players wages. This means Ishak Dogan cant terminate his contract due to unpaid wages. Ishak has been offered to both Trabzonspor and Bursaspor. In other news, Hakan Kutlu thanked Illyas Sumer for his work as Ankaragucu president. The players have been paid for the last two months and Kutlu is thankful that during these tough times, that President Sumer has stood shoulder to shoulder with him. 17 Year old striker Hasan Ayaroglu described his goal against Samsunspor as the best moment of his life and one he will never forget. The youngster has been with the club for 10 years and will start against Orduspor at the weekend.


  1. Of course we don't want to lose players of the calibre of Ishak, but ........ as we all know from our long association with the Ankara Clubs ...... money talks !!!

    Good news that Hasan will be in the starting line-up on Sunday. I forgot to mention in last week's report, that in addition to being a player with pace to get around and past defenders, he has a ferocious shot and may well bag a few more goals in this competition.

  2. The problem is though Jim, according to Melih most of the money is going to Cemal Aydin. Thats where the Turgut and majority of Atilla Aybars money went.

    Ankaragucu should never be in this financial mess, it seems to many greedy men have cheated the club and stole money