Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Arif Pecenek 1959-2013 !

The round ball in Ankara was today saddened to hear of the death of former Ankaragucu player and coach Arif Pecenek. Harun is pictured above with Arif when they met a few years back. Arif made 193 appearances with Ankaragucu between 1981-1993.

He also served as a coach for five years between 2005-10 before moving on to manage Tavsanli who was his current club. We at the round ball in Ankara would like to send our condolences and thoughts to the family of Arif Pecenek.

Some news just in tonight, according to the Ankaragucu facebook pages, Atilla Suslu has resigned from his position at the club. Atilla was the man responsible for saving the club and bringing Mehmet Yiginer to the club. As of yet the cause of his resignation is unknown, as soon as we have any news we will update the blog.

Pecenek at the Round ball in Ankara stand at the German Embassy in 2007.


  1. He was also best known as the player whose transfer fee was a donkey that he then gave to his brother.

    Of course it wasn't true, just a joke to reporters that got blown up into headlines.

  2. Love some of the stories that get made up in the press, thats a classic lol