Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Transfer ban will not be lifted !

Mehmet Yiginer has been unsuccessful in his attempts to lift the current transfer ban at Ankaragucu. The president flew out to Istanbul this morning to have talks with the Turkish FA in order to lift the ban. Those talks came to an end and according to reports, the lawyers of both Darius Vassell and Muhammet Hanifi rejected any negotiations over their outstanding payments.

Muhammet Hanifi spent more time on the bench or injured than games played for Ankaragucu, whilst Darius Vassell had a tough time off the field since moving to Ankaragucu. The club will now need to put the transfer ban to the side and push on with the current players as they fight to stay in the Turkish PTT Lig.

It is another blow for the Ankaragucu fans, who on every transfer window are fed the same stories only to be given the same excuses as to why the transfer ban wasn't lifted. The new management team new back in december what was required to lift it, Mehmet Yiginer has failed on his first big task in lifting the ban. He now has to prepare the club for next season with the possibility of playing in Lig 2.

Meanwhile Ankaragucu said farewell to Arif pecekek at his funeral today, a large crowd which included Hakan Sukur, Cengiz Paca, Cengiz Topal, Ziya Dogan, Samet Aybaba and the first team squad gathered at Tandogan before the muslim ceremony at the Mosque. The crowd paid their respects and said their goodbyes to the former Ankaragucu legend.

It is also believed that there will be a press conference held by Atilla Suslu and his men on friday to explain their resignations. Rumours say that Suslu and his men were unhappy with Yiginer and his men and the failure to lift the transfer ban.


  1. Well, it's not a case of .... 'I told you so', but what else to say except ... if we are honest, this is what we expected.

    Now ... we really do have a moutain to climb and it's up to the young players to make it to the summit. A tall order .... true ..... but not impossible.

    Backs against the wall for us all and let's see if miracles do in fact happen !!!

  2. You were spot on Jim. Me and Damon were really thinking it was going to be lifted, dont know why we ever put our faith in Ankaragucu management. I would love to think Mehmet Yiginer has done all he could but with the Atilla Suslu resignation something doesnt add up.

    This young team can still stay up, the problem is if we get any injuries to key players like Timur, Kaan or Mert then it leaves us very short.

  3. Well chosen photo, Nadeem. You are right: I really thought Yiğiner would pull through.

    And to think that Jim used to be the optimistic one.

  4. And so if the club goes under what are these players going to get?
    I know the players signed contracts, and morally they should be honoured, but hey, can you get blood out of a stone?
    Meanwhile, walking around Ankara, I notice that there are
    club shops associated with Besiktas, Galatasary, Fenerbahce, and even Trabzon. Very sad.
    Apologies for bringing Boro into this but in 1986 we liquidated,not administration, all debts were paid!
    In hindsight this was the best thing that happened to the club. A team of young local lads got consecutive promotions.
    Let's hope Ankaragucu can build on their current situation.

  5. Yes, well said Burra Kanka. One thing is for sure, the young lads of the team will play for the badge on their shirt. There has never been any doubt about that !

    Bollocks to the 'management'. What they have to do is keep the present squad at the club and pay their bloody salaries !!!

  6. totally agree with damon, and after some of the stories ive read tonight on the internet, things could get messy again.