Sunday, January 13, 2013

Mehmet Yiginer becomes Ankaragucu president !

Mehmet Yiginer became the 47th president of Ankaragucu today as he received 480 votes from the delegates who also attended. A crowd of over 500 fans gathered outside the Tandogan facility awaiting the news they were all wishing for. It was only last month that Atilla Suslu brought Mehmet Yiginer a friend of Melih Gokcek to the table.

There was good news straight from the start as it was announced Cemal Aydin has been removed from the club as Honorary chairman. The man responsible for the near death of Ankaragucu is finally gone. Yiginer also spoke of the great history of Ankaragucu and asked for the help from the Ankara community to get behind the club.

In regards to the transfer ban, there is still a bit to go but they think it is possible to remove the ban. Atilla Suslu will stay on as part of the management team and also part of the team will be Abdullah Karaata. This is a small step for Ankaragucu on a long road back to recovery. It will be interesting to see the next steps of the new management team.


  1. It sounds like good news at last, or am I missing something?

    Let's hope the people of Ankara do get behind the team although that will be difficult with the current ground closure.

    Onwards and hopefully upwards.

  2. It is good news burra, the new management team looks impressive and has some good ideas. The transfer ban should be lifted by tomorrow which will be a huge boost in the battle against relegation.

  3. Anonymous5:26 pm

    Hey guys!

    I am happy that after 1,5 years that I am now supporting Ankaragücü there some more positive news now. This club & team has impressed me and I hope for the best in the future. I was wondering if you guys mabe wanted to create a parallel facebook page "Round Ball Ankara" to make it a bit easier to follow.
    Anyway thanks for your efforts by feeding this blog with updates.

    Mavisari kanka

  4. Sorry kankas, but I'm not holding my breath on the transfer ban being lifted. We are well used to 'hot air' pouring out of the mouths of Ankaragucu's infamous 'management' after the goings on over the past one and a half years. I remain sceptical, but having said that, I hope you all have the last laugh and I have to eat humble pie !!

    Good to see you here Mavisari Kanka. However, I'll leave it to our 2 Webmasters (Oz Kanka and Bellshill Kanka) to answer your question about the parallel page thingie.

  5. Hi Mavisari Kanka, we do have a facebook page. click on the link below and it will take you there