Sunday, April 20, 2014


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

The new name is …....... Bozukspor …...... which is …..... loosely speaking, means …. not working (Eski's translation !!!).

A very pleasant Spring/Summer day saw Ankaragucu finally secure victory in the 2nd half after a halting display of ups and downs.

ANKARAGUCU 5 Bozuykspor 0

A good turn-out of kankas today with Maniac Kanka Harun, 61 Kankie Elif, Apple Kanka Erman, Battle Damaged Kanka Damon, Paddy Kanka Paul and Cider Kanka John.

The tribunes were full as usual, with Gecikondu and Maraton bursting at the seams. There were 8 in the away end …............ and they were not Police !!

Surely a World Record was made here today when a Bozuyk defender upended Levent in the 33nd second of the match and was awarded a yellow card ! This was significant later in the 1st half when Levent hobbled off – hopefully not a serious injury.

6 minutes in and then came the 6th highlight of the match (after the 5 goals). On cue, the whole of Maraton let fly with millions of pieces of confetti (me included) and it was impossible to see the action through the white haze ! Amazing sight.

Each team was sussing the other out until the 16th minute and then, just as we were about to burst into song for Bursaspor …....... a free kick to Ankaragucu on the right. With everyone (including me) expecting the long ball to the left, Kaan nips it into the inside of the right post with everyone stationery ! Aaaannnkaarrraaagooojooo and then Olay Olay Booorrsssaaspor Booorrrsssaaaspor Olay Olay !!!

Ankaragucu was full-on now and near the half hour mark missed two good chances to increase the score when Mehmet shot past when it was easier to score and then Kaan tried a scissors kick from a throw-in which was saved.

On the half hour mark and Bayram was brought into action when he saved a goal bound shot, but the attacker was offside.

Then on the 33rd minute mark, the goal of the match. A break down the right by Aytac and a great shot which was parried by the keeper. Aytac was following up and he hit his 2nd shot at an acute angle to deceive the keeper.

Almost half time and Mehmet scored the 3rd 'goal' ….... almost. The offside flag was up and we have to accept the linesman's decision.

Into time added on and Bayram to the rescue. A skilful back-heel by the Bozuyuk attacker gave a shooting opportunity, but Bayram saved well.

Ankaragucu started brightly in the 2nd half with Kaan and Umut having chances. However, the match drifted into mediocrity and I was beginning to have thoughts about the match 2 weeks ago when Ankaragucu blew a 2-0 lead against Ofspor.

It took until 15 minutes before the end for Ankaragucu to awaken from their slumber ! Umut was involved in a ping-pong in the box with 2 attempts and then Mehmet had a great chance with the goal at his mercy but shot past the post.

10 minutes to go and the tribunes decided to do a 'Mexican Wave'. Shit ! I don't believe this ! What do we have to celebrate I said to myself ? OK, we are 2-0 up but we are playing crap !!

2 minutes later and I choked on my outpourings !!! A fast Ankaragucu move with Mehmet in full flow. The cut-back and there was Erdem to shoot past the helpless goalkeeper.

That's it I thought, but no ! Kaan (my Man of the Match) made a great lay-off to Umut who let fly and buried the ball in the net with the keeper motionless !

That's it. But, no, Umut headed over and Erdem shot past in the closing moments as we made our way down to the exit.

Into time added on and Erdem produced a piece of magic to skip past a few tackles and placed his curling shot around the goalie and into the far post for No5.

What a finish ! However, let's not be euphoric yet. The Coach has to instil the fact into the players that a game of footie is 90 minutes !!!

Back to the Chopin for celebrations and then to The Anatolian Bar on Bayindir Sokak where our friend Ismail has opened a new bar. We will be visiting this venue more in the future !!

No change at the top of the League as Altinordu and Alanya both won. The Play-Offs beckon !

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Great report once again Jim.

    Does anyone know the play off dates?

  2. Greetings Burra Boy. Dates and venue not known yet. However, in discussion with Harun on the subject yesterday, there will be 4 teams each from the Red and White Groups fighting it out in a knock-out system for the right to join Altinordu and the White Group winner in the PTT League.

    Dinny worry, we will keep you informed nearer the time !


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  5. Thanks for the report Jim

    No baskent TV means the reports are even more important to me these days. Well its safe to say Altinordu are champions. We just need to keep winning and win the playoffs

    There is no reason why we cant do it !!!

  6. Yes Nadeem. We have the team to win the knock-out stage and the Coach seems to be doing a great job of motivating the team. However, as I said in the report, he must ensure that the team play for NINETY minutes every match !!

    For Harun, thanks for putting up the Confetti Show. Amazing !

  7. More work for the cleaners at 19 Mayis. :)