Monday, April 07, 2014

Ankaragucu terminate 7 staff members contracts !

Mehmet Yiginer and the Ankaragucu board have wasted no time in taking action for yesterdays embarrassing 3-2 defeat at home to Ofspor. As reported after the game Mehmet Yiginer entered the players dressing room and vented his feelings to wards the team with reports of punches even being thrown.

Today it was announced that Manager Fuat Aykuz and his assistant Umut Gecemen, along with players Mehmet Cakir, Aydin Toscali, Serhat Aykuz, Erhan Guven and Ibrahim Sahin have all had their contracts terminated. At such a critical time in the clubs history Yiginer has shown that he will not tolerate these type of results and performances.

From the players who have been released only Mehmet Cakir will be missed from the playing side. Aydin has struggled since he returned to the club, while new signings Serhat and Erhan have failed to impress. Ibrahim Sahin has struggled with fitness too and wont be missed.

The one thing the Ankaragucu teams gave over the last 3 years was hard work from the young players. Some of these new signings have the talent but lacked the desire and work ethic of the youngsters.

It will be interesting to see how replaces Fuat Aykuz. Both Hakan Kutlu and Mustafa Kaplan have been mentioned. In other news Galatasaray are interested in Emre Tasdemir and Umut Nayir. If the club lose any of those two players then it will be a huge blow to the club.


  1. In the meantime, Mehmet Yigner needs to have a heart-to-heart with the players in preparation for next weekend's crucial match in Alanya.

    After last weekend's catastrophe, the team MUST bring back 3 points to stay in the hunt for the Play-Offs !!

    The appointment of a new Coach will have to take 2nd priority.

  2. Interesting stuff Nadeem.

    How do you terminate someone's contract? Doesn't this involve paying up the remainder of the contract? If so it sounds costly for the club.

    Let's have three points at the weekend!

  3. Anonymous11:10 am

    It is definitely a late decision taken by the management.
    What you were expecting from.M.Cakir, A. Toscali, S.Aykuz, E.Guven and I.Sahin and Especially from Toscali , Akyuz and Sahin.
    No need to talk about F. Akyuz. He was a catastrophe.
    Hope that the team get the message and acts accordingly.Volkan