Sunday, April 06, 2014

THE OLDE cliché ….... A GAME OF TWO HALVES !!!

Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Team - Gokhan Akkan, Erhan Guven, Selim Seber, Serhat Aykuz, Emre Tasdemir, Muhammed Gonulacar, Kaan Kanak, Mehmet Erdem, Mehmet Cakir, Serkan Sirin, Umut Nayir

Subs - Bayram Olgun, Metin Aydin, Mehmet Tasci, Harun Aydin, Omer Yalcin, Onur Atasayer

Ankaragucu kissed goodbye to winning the League today in Ankara after a shocking 2nd half performance, and with Altinordu winning today in Nazilli, will have to hope that they can be sure of making the Play-Offs by beating Alanya next weekend.


It was joy joy and more joy when we, Maniac Kanka Harun and Sixty One Kankie Elif, entered the Stadium where we were met by Apple Kanka Erman and long time Blog Supporter Ahmet Arif Sezgin.

Gecikondu and Maraton were full and the others almost full. In the away end there were about 50 'immigrants' from Trabzon !

The noise factor was high volume and during the National Anthem the Gecikondu boys covered themselves with yellow Ankaragucu Crests.

The match started at high tempo with Ankaragucu in all out attack and after 4 minutes played could so easily have been ahead with shots going over and past.

7 minutes in and it was mental in the Stadium. Gecikondu was showering confetti all over the place and Maraton unveiled a huge Ankaragucu flag which covered most of the tribune.

10 minutes in and Ankaragucu won their 4th corner for sustained pressure, Umut attempted scissors kick was off target.

The breakthrough arrived 2 minutes later from an Ankaragucu free kick. Man of the Match (in the first half !!) Selim sent a free kick just outside the box over the wall to open the scoring with the Goalkeeper rooted to the spot. Here we go I thought !!! Mmmmm, sometimes I hate myself for being so optimistic !!!

16 minutes in and we were serenaded with the Bursa chant. Btw, they won today !!

25 minutes gone and it was still all Ankaragucu and from a corner Selim's header was just wide. 5 minutes later it was Selim again trying to waltz the ball through the Ofspor defence but his shot was blocked and from the rebound Mehmet's shot was saved.

One minute later it was almost 2 when Emre's cross was connected by Umut but his header narrowly missed the top left hand corner. 5 minutes later Umut missed another great chance when he should have tapped-in, but …..... he didn't !

Ofspor finally got into the act in the 40th minute from a breakaway, but a great saving tackle by Selim saved the day. Selim was involved again 3 minutes later when another free kick was sent goalwards, but this time the goalkeeper was ready for it !

Approaching half time and Emre was through on goal but as he about to shoot he was 'brought down' or 'fell down'. The referee blew immediately and we all thought he would point to the spot, but …...... grrrrrrrr ….... he ran directly to Emre and bandished the yellow for diving ! I shouted some 'naughty words' to the referee, but I don't think he heard me ! Harun and I were convinced he was brought down !

Half time arrived and only 1-0 up was a miracle. How many chances do you have to spurn to keep your supporters on edge ??!! Also, at this stage, Gokhan didn't have a save to make, and all he did was to kick out the occasional goal kick !

Into the 2nd half then and it was still all Ankargucu but, as it the 1st half, the telling ball and shot for goal was missing. However, 12 minutes in and the best chance of the game eluded Ankaragucu when Mehmet's shot hit the post and rebounded back to him, but the 2nd shot was over.

Just after this, Levent came on to a hero's welcome as Kaan went off, and it only took 3 minutes for Ankaragucu to make the game safe (as we thought !!). A great right wing cut-back cross came over for Umut to nod in for a simple goal.

Here comes the avalanche …........ yessssssssssssss. But …...... noooooooo !!!

5 minutes later there was an Ofspor free kick on the left just outside the penalty box and the free was swung over with Gokhan rushing out to clear, but ….... he missed it ….. and the lurking Ofspor forward slotted in. Bayram's height would have been useful !!!

Ankaragucu rallied and from a breakaway, Umut almost scored but headed over.

Into the 66th minute, and it was at this stage when the game swung in Ofspor's direction. I couldn't quite decide if they stepped up a gear or if Ankaragucu switched off, but the tide definitely turned, and what was more irritating was that Ankaragucu was kicking into the Gecikondu end !!!

Then, when cool heads were called for, Ofspor scored within 2 minutes to equalise ! Gokhan must accept the blame again when he failed to dominate his box and allowed the headed equaliser !

All square at 2-2 with 20 minutes to go and all the tribunes were urging them forward …... attack …. attack ….... but, to be honest, Ankaragucu was looking shell-shocked and shaky, and ….. I felt that Ofspor smelled …........ blood !!!

It was end to end now and with 15 minutes remaining, Gokhan was almost caught out again, but managed to punch clear.

2 minutes later and Ankaragucu should have broken the deadlock. A great lay-off by Levent left Mehmet with a shot on goal, but his goal bound shot was blocked.

Back to the other end, and Gokhan prevented another goal from Ofspor with a fortuitous block with his feet.

Into the last 10 minutes and the tribunes were baying for a goal. Emre crossed from the left and Umut's header was wide. Levent crossed for Umut, but he delayed his shot and the chance was gone.

4 minutes left and I suppose, hand on heart, you could settle for a draw after the spirited Ofspor fightback. Yes, me included !

However...... how many times have I used that word in my posts ??? Yes, however, with the Ankaragucu defence posted missing with the push forward, Ofspor broke away and scored the winner with ease to silence the Stadium.

To use my favourite statement when I'm playing darts …...... never say ….. never ! So, all credit to Ofspor for snatching victory from the jaws of defeat and putting Ankaragucu into the brown smelly stuff !!!

So, the play-off beckons for Ankaragucu with Altinordu looking comfortable at the top. Next weekend's '6 pointer' against Alanya on the south coast takes on new meaning for both teams who lost today. We all hate the prospect of a Play-Off Lottery, but …... it's Ankaragucu's last chance to avoid another season in the 2nd Division.

All the best from a very disappointed Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Anonymous3:41 pm

    I've been watching and reading in the background this year and I have to say that after this very disappointing result the most surprising thing is Jim's calm and almost philosophical reaction!I thought you would have lashed the players out of it for the manner of the result at such an important part of the season Jim?And with Alanya also defeated a great opportunity has been lost to take advantage.
    Are you mellowing with age Jim??!!

    Dublin Neil.

  2. Great to hear from our man in Dublin again. Aaahh.... how perceptive you are Neil. I'm leaving my 20s on Wednesday and into the olde age of 30, so ....... aye, yir richt, perhaps I'm mellowing with age !!!

    Since my report, there has been some buzz that 4 of our senior players, including Captain Mehmet Cakir, have been shown the door after a 'bust up' in the Dressing Room after the match with our President. The buzz also states that blows were thrown ! Awaiting confirmation of this.

    I can understand Mehmet Yigner's frustration. After all, didn't he bring the team back from the brink after our 2 years of financial woes. Didn't he expect the team to win at home against an average team after going 2-0 up. Didn't we all ????

    What is left is now hinging on next weekend's match in Alanya. Lose it, and the teams below will smell blood. Win it, and we can at least be in the mix for the Play-Offs.

    If Ankaragucu is not in the PTT League next season I have my doubts if Mehmet Yigner will continue to be our President. He may view the failure as his failure !

    The bottom line is ........ next weekend is a monumental match for Ankaragucu and the players have to stand up and be counted ...... for 90 minutes, and not 60 effin minutes !!!! Now do you feel the aggression Neil ??!!

  3. btw Neil, I'll be in Bodrum from 2 to 8 July. Can we meet at last and celebrate Ankaragucu's promotion to the PTT League ????!!!

  4. Well their will be no holding back from me. Ive had enough making excuses for this so called team. As I've said on many occasions we have the highest budget in the league, while Altinordu have the second smallest.

    The continues strange decisions of the coach who has a different defence every week. Since Mehmet Tasci was called up to the Turkey B team he hasn't started a single game. Emre Tasdemir is excellent going forward but cant defend so would make sense to have mehmet tasci their with Emre further forward.

    His signings apart from Mehmet Erdem have all failed so far. Its embarrassing, both Rangers and Ankaragucu both have too much in common these days.