Monday, April 13, 2015


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Maniac Kanka and I entered the Stadium 20 minutes before KO to an eerie atmosphere with Gecikondu and Maraton only half full, Kapali almost empty, and what was surprising .......... no singing !

It was the ‘away end’ who gave the ‘wake-up’ call !    There was about 100 of them and when they unfurled a banner which read (Ankaragucu will be born again) it drew lots of applause from all the tribunes.

Then, after the National Anthem it was the ‘away end’ who called both teams over to welcome them, and this prompted Maraton to do the same.

Well done you Gumushane Supporters – you made lots of friends yesterday !

ANKARAGUCU   0             Gumushanespor    0

No sooner had the match got underway than the anti-management chants started, the basis of which was .............. Management, don’t be afraid – do something to save our Club !!!

Gumushane started on the front foot and should have been 2 up within the first 20 minutes with 2 fierce shots just whizzing past the post.

On the 20 minute mark, Hasan had Ankaragucu’s first chance but his shot was blocked by a timely tackle.

Ankaragucu had only one more chance before half time when an inviting cross came in from the left from Hasan and all Teoman had to do was meet it with his head, but he elected to just look at the ball as it flashed past and out of danger !

Gumushane had 2 more chances to score before the half time whistle but Gokhan made 2 saves to thwart them, and Ankaragucu went in fortunate not to be a goal or two behind.

The Gumushane goalkeeper didn’t have anything to do in the first half due to Ankaragucu’s old failings re-surfacing, ie, lots of passing between Gokhan, Volkan, Onur and Andac in their own half, but then the breakdown in the opposing half with too many passes going astray and losing possession too easily to the busy Gumushane players.    The chief culprits being Gokhan Erdogan and Teoman who obviously climbed out of bed on the wrong side yesterday morning !!
Ankaragucu upped the tempo in the 2nd half but their performance was still below par.    However, they should have opened the scoring 10 minutes into the 2nd half when they had 3 attempts in the box at headers, but the goalkeeper and the woodwork came to Gumushane’s aid in what was like a ping-pong game !

However, just prior to that comedy show, Gumushane were denied a goal from a freekick which Gokhan saved spectacularly.

Halfway through the 2nd half Eski Kanka was able to cheer at last when Emir replaced Teoman, and 10 minutes later Maniac Kanka was able to cheer when Gokhan Erdogan was replaced !

5 minutes to the final whistle, Ankaragucu broke away down the right and in a smart exchange of passes, Emir was in a great position to score, but blasted over.    At that moment I was thinking  .................. hmmmmmm ............... maybe Teoman would have scored, but then I said .................  Nah !!!

Into the last minute and Gokhan (my Man of the Match) saved the day by tipping over a goal bound free kick.

So, having re-read my report, it didn’t sound like a boring match, but .................. believe me, yes it was for the most part !

Back to The Chopin Bar we went where we met up with Barnsley Kanka Nigel who will hopefully try to attend Ankargucu’s last home match against Nazilli in a few weeks time.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

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