Saturday, April 04, 2015

The wrath of El Kabir

For a team that has a defence and a goalkeeper that make you want to scream in pure and utter frustration each and every time the opposition get the ball, I guess it is lucky we have a few blokes up front who can score.

Genclerbirligi 5 - 2 Kasimpasa

Stupid bloody weather in Ankara. Snow in April... bitterly cold winds. Bloody hopeless. Still, the sun came out a bit by about the time the match kicked off at the 19 Mayis. Not that I cared about the cold, I was in the nice warm Sudem pub.

Not the full Gencler team. Guido and Ugur were out injured ... and Stancu still hasn't recovered. Defender Ahmet Hakan was also out thanks to yellow cards. Still, I was confident, until...

Three minutes gone and our defence was already shot. Kasimpasa was on the attack, we had three defenders, they had two attackers. So what happens, one of the attackers is left completely alone! Hopeless. The bloke took the shot and even if he had tried I don't think Ramazan could have saved it.

Talk about depressing. To go down so early. The Sudem was dead quiet, besides the howls of anguish.

El Kabir Azabı. Which I think translates as
"The wrath of El Kabir"
Then it was all flaffing around for ages. Then Mervan, clearly offside, gets the ball and shoots and goal. I didn't even celebrate because I was sure the referee was going to call them all back. But no... If I was a Kasimpasa fan I would have been furious.

Next one was clear though. Handball in the box. Penalty and El Kabir scores.

2-1 at half-time.

Then not much later 3-1, then 4-1 and then I think they scored and then we wrapped it up with another penalty. A hat-trick for El Kabir and all up a very very nice result.

It doesn't really matter though. We aren't going to get relegated and I don't think we can get into Europe. Still, a good result ahead of Wednesday night's Turkish Cup quarterfinal against Bursa. I'll be posting very very soon about that one.  

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