Saturday, April 04, 2015

Turkish Cup Quarterfinal... Geliyoruz!

Finally a match we can go to!!

Genclerbirligi v Bursaspor
Turkish Cup
Wednesday, April 8
KO: 6:30pm
Meeting at the Red Lion at 4pm. Heading for the stadium at 5:30pm
Tickets for Maraton 12tl

Coming off a big win on Saturday against Kasimpasa (5-2), Genclerbirligi will be playing Bursaspor in the quarterfinal of the Turkish Cup on Wednesday, April 8, at 6pm. The first match was a 1-1 draw in Bursa. So we have it all to play for.

Us fans also have it all to play for. As you know we have been boycotting matches this year because of the Passolig Card system. As a result crowds at Gencler games are down by more than 90 percent. For this Wednesday's Cup match, however, you will not need to own a Passolig card.

A week or so ago representatives from various Gencler fan groups (Alkaralar, Dikmen Tayfa, the Genclerbirligi Taraftar Dernegi, HaydiGencler, Karakizil, ODTU'lu Gencler and Ultras Kardesler) agreed to lift the picket line for this match in an attempt to show the management of the club and the players that us fans are still here, all we want is for the Passolig system to be lifted.

So.... I have just received news that tickets for the match will go on sale at the 19 Mayis Stadium on Monday. Get them early because if you wait for just before the match you could well be stuck there for ages.


  1. I just saw this from Mesut Bakkal after the match (via ).

    "I want at least 15,000 fans at the stadium against Bursaspor in the cup, we keep winning games but have nobody to celebrate with."


  2. He is correct of course. But the Gencler fans are quite right in boycotting league games. This system is a fucking joke. Turkish government and football federation are embarrassing

  3. This is one of the few times that I won't support Boooorrrrrsssaaaa. Gencler is the 'form' team at the moment and should start as favourites against Bursa. Haydi Gencler and make Oz Kanka a happy kanka !!