Thursday, August 27, 2015

Not Bonkers But Ridiculous, Not Cavcav But Generally

Stuart Baxter has denied calling Ilhan Cavcav "bonkers."

Speaking to the Klasspor website, Baxter said:

"I don't know what is being written in the media in South Africa and Turkey, but I can tell you I did not use the words 'bonkers' or 'off the wall' that you're mentioning. I would never use such words. I am a professional. They seem more like the journalist's own words. They asked me about the situation at Gençlerbirliği and I said I found the situation here ridiculous."


"Across the world, there are good journalists and bad ones and it is impossible for me to examine and stop all of their comments. As I said, I have my own views on this ridiculous situation at Gençlerbirliği and with journalists I commented on the general situation, not about individuals."

Fair enough. It's been fun, but probably time to move on.

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