Sunday, October 18, 2015

Gencler smashed in Istanbul

Errr. It started well and then came the second half.

Galatasaray 4 - 1 Genclerbirligi

A big crowd at the Red Lion Club last night for the South Africa - Wales Rugby World Cup match meant that the football was relegated to the small screen with the sound off. It also means I can't really do that much of a review as my eyes were all over the place.

Gencler stated nicely, playing attacking football and it was maybe just 5 minutes in when we should have gone ahead. Stancu got a shot off, hit the post and rebounded to Djama who should have scored but sent the reaction shot miles wide.

Then not that long later we went ahead when Djama put El Kabir through. After getting around the keeper El kabir shot from a difficult angle and GOOAAAALLLL!

Then there was the second half.

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  1. Errrrrmmmm ..........yes ............ my attention went back to the funny shaped ball match when Galata.....spit.....saray scored their 2nd goal !!!