Sunday, October 04, 2015

Law 11 Offside: There is no offside offence if a player receives the ball directly from a throw in

Boy oh boy did we need the three points. Last night it was second last (us) versus third last.

Genclerbirligi 2 - 0 Kayserispor

Alex, Oz and Little Oz Kanka
No time for pre-match drinks last night so it was straight to the stadium for Alex, me and Little Oz Kanka. A few changes in the line up for Gencler with Hopf back in goal being the main one. Kick-off and blaaargggghhh.

Second half was a lot more exciting with Gencler attacking much more. Then came our first goal and enormous confusion all round.

I can only explain what happened having now seen a video of the goal. We had a throw in and the linesman raised his arm for an offside. No one realised at first. The ball was headed out, one of our players kicked it back in and El Kabir hit it into the net. Referee blew his whistle for the goal and the linesman still had his hand up for offside. The referee correctly overruled the linesman because you cannot be offside from a throw in. O

nly problem was, because he had his hand up in the air the linesman didn't see that El Kabir was offside when he actually scored. Incompetence all round.

We cheered when it became clear that the goal would stand and then the Kayserispor players went mental. Shouting away at the referee, the linesman, even the goal-line assistant referee. This went on for a few minutes with our players nice and composed waiting for the restart of play.

Little Oz, Oz and Sir Eski are triumphant.
The Kayseri players were clearly pissed off, angry and their minds weren't focused... And that's why we managed to score our second just a minute or so later. This was a more tradition goal with Stancu doing well down the left to get a short cross to El Kabir to get his second.

Kayseri now had to go full on to try and get something out of the match but our defence was good, as was Hopf in goal.

All up it was a good performance from Gencler. Not brilliant, but better than some of the dross we have seen.

And then it was off to the Red Lion Club for some rugby... but I'll leave that for other blogs to write about.

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  1. Yes, a critical 3 points for Gencler, especially as they are in Istan.....spit....bul today playing Galata.....spit.....saray !!!

    Let's be realistic and hope that they can win one point today !!!