Thursday, June 26, 2008


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Some recent ANKARAGUCU comings and goings to report. A little sad news, but mostly good news.

The sad news is that our captain, Kirita, could be on his way to Kocaelispor which will be a sad loss to the team and supporters. He has served the Club well and his inspirational leadership will be missed, particularly in defence. No doubt Murat Erdogan will now assume the captaincy ?

I also lament the transfer of Bebbe to Istanbul BBS. He is my type of player, in the mould of Umut Bulut, and a player who never stops trying. In my opinion, we never really saw the best of Bebbe due to the lack of support coming from midfield and the absence of a regular strike partner. Bebbe was a much more lethal striker when Ceyhun was in the team pulling the strings !

As you may have noticed from recent comments made by our Mexican friend to the Blog, our (on loan) Uruguayan, Lamas, is leaving for (we understand) Mexico. I wish him well.

`Olde` Diawara is also on his way. He has been a disappointment since his arrival from Antep and will not be missed.

The most intriguing of the new arrivals is a Brazilian by the name of Betinho who comes from a Club in Brazil’s 2nd league. He has been signed to take on Bebbe’s role up front and we will have to wait and see how he shapes up.

Other newcomers are …..

Burak Ozsarac (stopper) from Konyaspor
Yusuf Soysal (goalkeeper) from Erciyes
Barbaros (midfield) from Kasimpasa
Ozan (left wing) from Maras
Metin (midfield) from Istanbulspor
Edin (forward) from Iskenderun

Finally, it is pleasing to report that `Old Boy` and `Fans Favourite`, Hakan Keles, has joined the Club as Hakan Kutlu’s assistant. Hopefully his previous successful attacking play will rub off on the team this season !!!

ANKARAGUCU will begin pre-season training on 7 July and will then go to their Summer Camp in Augsburg in Germany from 26 July to 6 August.

Watch out for news of their matches there in future posts.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Further action .....

    Just read in the Hurriyet this morning (27 June) that Mehmet Yilmaz is joining the Club from Ankaraspor.

    I have long admired him so this is great news.

    He is a big strong boy (well, he's 29) and he will put himself about a bit more that Diawara ever did ! He is also guaranteed to score more goals (I think Diawara's record is ... ONE !!).

    I wonder if Hakan Keles has now influenced Hakan Kutlu to adopt Eski Kanka's plan, ie, .....


  2. Another arrival reported in The Hurriyet this morning (1st July).

    Sabani Moin who is a Stopper from Tunisia.

    Hakan Kutlu is shoring up his defence and Hakan Keles is supplying the bullets in attack !!