Friday, June 06, 2008

Buy shares in Efes

The Aussie population of Ankara looks likely to increase by quite a big percentage this year. Bruce Djite has already signed on the dotted line for Genclerbirligi and another Aussie, Nathan Burns of Adelaide United looks set to sign.

Burns is a 20 year-old striker who has played for the "Olyroos" (stop laughing!!!), Australia Under 23 team, and is set for a long career.

If he does sign I'm sure he will only be around for a year and will then move on to somewhere bigger. In the meantime we have to make sure we use him well.

While we are waiting for the European Championships to kick off tomorrow check out this profile of Burns from Australia's SBS television.


  1. Does this influx of Aussies mean that we can expect to see Aussie Cuisine in Ankara's restaurants ??

    My favourite is `Slippery Bob` which, for the unenlightened, is kangaroo brains cooked in emu fat ....... mmmmmmm yummy !!!

    Or if you are not ambitious enough for that, how about pickled parrots ?? ..... tasty !!!

    Makes a change from boring Shish kebabs and iskender kebabs don't you think ??!!

  2. Anonymous4:59 pm

    I'm a fan of kangaroo jerky.

  3. Hey Delmonte Man ....

    next time you have a Kangaroo BBQ please send me an invite and don't forget ..... don't throw the brains away !!!

  4. Anonymous4:10 pm

    ok will do