Monday, June 16, 2008

Turkey through to the quarters

Well, I would never have put money on it but Turkey tonight came back from 2-0 down against the Czechs to win 3-2. A bloody amazing result which saw the few Turks at the Red Lion Club bouncing off the walls, including Little Miss Eski Kanka. It was some result.

After getting home I grabbed my camera and went onto the main street near my house. Here are a few of the photos.


  1. Agreed. A truly fantastic comeback from the Turks. The half time team talk from Fatih Terim would probably scare most people, but if you are wearing the Red and White then it is .... do or ...... die !!

    By the way, as an ex-Class 1 Referee, the last goal was defo offside. However, the linesman didn't call it and so Turkey ran their luck.

    Every day can't be a rainy day !!

  2. Anonymous5:50 pm

    @Eski kanka Jim,

    With all due respect sir, it does not necessarily take to be class-1 referee to see if something offside or not. Nihat is clearly, clearly onside. If you were lucky enough to see ESPN Axis, where they freeze everyone and change angles then determine if it's offside or not, you would see Nihat was clearly onside. Jankolovski made a big mistake.

  3. Fair comment Fenerfan and I respect your right to disagree with me.

    However, the fact remains that Turkey is in the quarter finals and good luck to them tonight. I don't have a Turkey top, but I'll be wearing my Ankaragucu top and supporting Turkey !!

    I'm sure Fatih Terim will be in his normal position on the touchline tonight breathing `fire` as usual !!

  4. Anonymous9:25 pm

    Hello to all of my friends there in Ankara!
    I hope you will watch the game tonight!
    Turkish coach said few days ago for the press that he will send Croatia home.
    Hahaha. No way!
    Well, we will see!

    Love and thinking of you,
    Your Croatian Zagreb Kanka