Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dayan Ankaragucu

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I really have only two comments to make about this match.

1) The result could have been worse. Losing 4-0 to Galatasaray in this case was getting off easy. Our defense fought hard--bless their hearts (tip of the hat to Judy)--but Aydın in particular was struggling. From the lapses in defense came four goals, two of which occurred in the first ten minutes of the match.

2) The Galatasaray fans and players, and Fatih Terim demonstrated an admirable degree of sportsmanship. Even before the match started, the GS fans had hung a banner reading "Dayan Ankaragücü" (Hold on Ankaragucu), and when Ergin Keles came off towards the end of the match, he got applause from Terim and the GS fans. Even the Istanbul crowd shows our team more respect than the criminals in Ankara who have let our team sink to these levels.

Thanks to the team for keeping their heads up. Respect.



  1. agreed damon, it was a fantastic gesture and galatasaray have shown true class in recent weeks unlike some of our other supposed friends.

  2. Mountaineering Kanka12:23 pm

    This is sad stuff. I think most Turkish football fans understand that something is just plain wrong with AnkaraGucu being relegated. They belong in the SuperLig and it's not fair that a few greedy idiots can swoop in and destroy that reality with their stupid politics and horri-awful decisions. Shame on the Gokceks. I hope Ankara never forgives you.

  3. Don't expect me to bring luck to Ankaragucu on my return next month after the performances served up by Hibs.

    I'll be in Ibrox...spit...Stadium with Hibbie Kanka Athole on Saturday to see if we can pull a rabbit out of the hat !

    In the meantime .... keep up the fight Ankaragucu Youth Team !!!