Thursday, January 19, 2012

I think we should be told

Has anyone else noticed the similarity between Douglas Reynholm, son of a meglomaniac Denholm Reynhom who according to Wikipedia was "always ready with new and often ridiculous initiatives", and Ahmet Gokcek, former Ankaragucu chairman and son of I. Melih Gocek whose new and often brilliant initiatives have included recreating Hollywood in Ankara, a Disneyland for the city and the really radical idea that a metro system would be good for the capital. Are they in anyway related? I think we should be told.

                Douglas Reynholm                  Ahmet Gokcek

(You can blame Spine for the idea behind this post)


  1. Anonymous5:39 pm

    Lots of Ankaragucu news today:

    as well as Aydin throwing in the towel (do we believe him?), MP Aylin Nazliaka (CHP, Ankara) launched an appeal for donations and said she was giving a month's salary to the club. She said 200,000 liras needed to keep it afloat to end of the season.


  2. Damn good job. Damn good bloody good damn good job.

  3. Anonymous1:58 pm

    Someone called Erdan Sanli (a former board member) has said he's a candidate to lead Ankaragucu. Says he has a bunch of mates with 8 million liras.

  4. and some facts (from AA):

    Ankara Derby
    73 matches
    27 A'gucu wins
    24 Gencler wins

    187 goals
    A'gucu goals 97
    Gencler goals 94

    Biggest win A'gucu 7-Gencler 2


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  6. Apparently I'm the lone kanka in Maraton, but we're being well outplayed by Gençler... Lots of snowballs being thrown at the pitch. Cider Kanka John

    1. Half-time update: Gençler 1-0 up, fantastic throw of a snowball just caught a bending-over policeman on the back of the head, prompting the loudest cheer we've had from Gecekondu so far...

  7. Thanks for keeping those of us who couldn't make it today filled in, Cider. I guess if you can't see Gucu score a goal, seeing a policeman get beaned in the back of the head with a snowball is the next best thing.

    1. Second half précis (I'm sure the Gençler boys will have a much fuller report from their side)... Gecekondu stripped off in the freezing weather and waved their shirts around at the start of the second half - later chants focussed on how Gökçek and Cemal Aydın resemble vaginas, and worse. After about the 70th minute we had 3 or 4 decent runs, but Gençler were a different class and made it look simple to take the ball off us. The slide continues.

  8. And eventually the police got so fed up of being hit by snowballs they set up a security camera...