Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Gencler fans in two minds ahead of the derby

I'm not one to do match previews, I'll leave that to Bellshill Kanka, but I have been surprised to see the comments and discussion threads on the Genclerbirligi fan forums and on facebook ahead of the Ankara derby on Sunday.

The normal talk on these sorts of forums is about stuff like "who would make up our best 11". Much lamenting would be had over the fact that Harbuzi and Aykut are out through injury.

But not for this match. The talk on the forums early in the week is all about how we should play our A2 takim, ie the youth team. Why? To help Ankaragucu.

I'm really amazed at how the Gencler fans are feeling the pain that Ankaragucu are going through at the moment.

I don't agree at all with the idea of sending out a second-rate team but I am quite touched that so many hard-core Gencler fans are prepared to possibly lose our place in Europe next season for the across town team.

I'm pretty sure Gencler won't send out their second team, but it is great to see that many of our fans are in real sympathy for the shit that Ankaragucu fans are in at the moment.

One Gencler fan noted, having said that he hoped Ankaragucu will win on Sunday: "I'm sure that if the situation was reversed the Ankaragucu fans wouldn't care at all, but that doesn't matter, we should do the right thing".

I don't agree with that idea, we could be up for massive fines, point reductions etc. if we play an understrength side, but I agree with the sentiment.

All I can do is to wish good luck to both sides.

My sympathies are with all Ankaragucu fans, but this weekend is the derby. Derbies are for the winning. And the winners will surely be Genclerbirligi. See you all at the Beer Bus before the match.


  1. I'm not surprised with those sentiments Oz. Gencler fans are most certainly a different breed to your normal Ankaragucu fan !

    If the boot was on the other foot would you be hearing similar things from Ankaragucu forums ? Mmmmmm ..... that's a difficult one !

    Like you, I'm expecting both teams to go for a win when the ref blows his whistle. It's like Ankaragucu v Bursa in a way .... when you are out there playing, the players don't really think about the ifs and buts or what the fans think or even the politics behind the fixture ! Their natural will to win kicks in.

    However, I take my hat off to all those Gencler fans who said this and I genuinely hope that Gencler does win a Yooro place.

    Let battle commence !!

  2. Anonymous4:45 pm

    Sabah Ankara is starting a series of articles on How Did Ankaragucu Get In This State: Dream to Nightmare.

    It promises to be highly amusing, as an example of brown-nosed bollocks. A sample from today says that despite years of effort the club never got any results. "This situation caused deep unhappiness in Melih Gokcek, who'd served for 17 years as mayor of Ankara. The mayor, who loves sport and spends the most on it in the whole world, made huge efforts to satisfy this longing." etc etc. Kim Jong-Il?

    In other news, Sports Ministry will pay for Ankaragucu kit, after players had to go out in wet kit in snowy second half at Sivas.



  3. Anonymous4:49 pm

    oh and Sabah also says players had to push their bus out of snowdrifts on the way back from Sivas. this really is beyond a joke.


    1. yeah saw this to Oz and hats off to Gencler. Its been remarkable the support given by teams like Gencler, Eskisehir, Bursa, Denizl in the last couple of days. If only our own management cared enough