Friday, November 21, 2014

Genclerbirligi are coming last!

I found this via @sporekonomi on the Twitters. He or she found it on a German website Fussball Turkei. Some amazing stats in this table. Super Lig attendence is down 47.9 percent across the board. For Genclerbirligi it is an amazing 90.2 percent down on last year's figure. I know that we lost a few Assyrian fans when Jimmy left for Olympiakos... but this is ridiculous.  

Take note when looking at the table that the first column is the number of Passolig cards sold. This is not the same as number of season tickets sold. A Passolig only buys you the right to buy a ticket or season card.

You can see the original article (in German) here

Click on the table for a bigger version
You can also check out the full numbers of cards sold at Passolig's website. You do have to give them credit for having the whole thing translated into English. All the easier for me to take the piss.



  1. 90% down on ticket sales for Gençlerbirliği, that has got to hurt! Especially considering the revenue Passolig card is going to generate won't make up for it, by a long shot. Aktif bank projects a sale of 1 mm. cards in the first year. On average that is TL20 mm, of that, TL12 mm is transferred to the clubs by the Turkish Football Federation.

    IF the number of Passolig cards sold by the club was the key indicator to share the money by, then Gençlerbirliği would stand to receive the princely sum of just under TL90 k. This is based on the assumption that Aktif bank will hit their 1 mm Passolig card target and that all of the money is distributed to the clubs by the TFF.

    With a ticket price of TL20 average (a low estimate) Gençlerbirliği would loose over TL 5 mm in ticket sales in 2014/15 season (not taking season ticket holders into account). And what to think of all those other small clubs that (stand to) loose their shirt sponsor(s) as no one sees the benefit to advertise in an empty stadium. :-/


  2. Sad story from, not only a Gencler point of view, but for footie in the professional leagues as a whole.

    Carlo's bottom headline says it all !