Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Gencler's Deniz Naki on receiving end of racist attack

Bad news today when news came out that Deniz Naki is leaving both Genclerbirligi and Turkey after what seems to be a Islamist/Nationalist-inspired attack on the weekend. 

This is what the Hurriyet Daily News is reporting: For full article click here

German-Turkish footballer Deniz Naki, who plays for Spor Toto Super League club Gençlerbirliği, has decided to leave his club and Turkey following a suspected racist attack over the weekend.
Naki, who in the past was victim of abuses and insults for being an Alevi and carrying a tattoo that reads “Dersim 62,” the traditional name for the eastern province of Tunceli and its traffic code, was attacked by unknown assailants in Ankara on Nov. 2 and suffered minor injuries below one of his eyes and one of his hands.
“It was on Sunday. I wanted to get something for dinner when I was accosted by three people on a side Street,” Naki told German daily Bild. “They threatened me that this was the first warning, the club did not need anyone like me and I should go away.”

This is just disgusting.


  1. As usual, the murk and uncertainty is already setting in. The club has issued a statement saying the player never mentioned the attack when he asked to leave the club, and added some nasty implications too. Hurriyet coverage here: http://www.hurriyet.com.tr/spor/futbol/27518154.asp

    One thing seems clear to me: Whenever, however they heard of the violence, this is not how a responsible club should handle a suspected hate crime against one of its players.

  2. A sad story and totally out of character for Turkish footie supporters.

    Unfortunately, we have always had this 'religious us and them problem' in my country, especially between supporters. However, I'm encouraged that it is not as widespread these days, except in a certain area of Scotland and between two teams in particular !!!

    Let's hope this was an isolated incident in Turkey. We don't want this stupid religious hatred creeping into the game here. We have enough problems in Ankara without adding to them !!!

  3. Ah. Spine's comment confirms my thoughts of the club having been unsupportive of Deniz Naki's claim after having read this article:

    Naki:Ali İsmail'i,Berkin'i öldürenlerin yargılanmadığı adalete başvuramazdım

    I thought I had misunderstood and that perhaps my Turkish language skills were not enough (which they are). But I read correctly the lack of support from the club. If found correct that is not,as Spine said, how Gençlerbirliği should have handled this. :-/