Saturday, November 01, 2014

Golden Gencler Goal Seals Leaden Match

Gencler beat Istanbul Basaksehir 1-0 in Ankara on Saturday thanks to a 93rd minute free-kick goal from Nemanja Tomic that wrapped up an uninspiring clash of evenly matched sides and put an end to Basaksehir's unbeaten season.

Tomic (who may be third from the left in this picture borrowed from CNN Turk) scored the goal from outside the box as extra time ran out.

Here are player ratings, expressed as animals:

Dahlin (Goalkeeper): Golden Retriever, loves children

Hakan Aslantas (Right Back): Collie, will chase ball, will fall over it

Ahmet Calik (Centre Back): German Shepherd, eligible for police training

Dusko Tosic (Centre Back): Mallard Duck

Ugur Ciftci (Left Back): Young Swan tries to land on icy pond, comic video goes viral

Doga Kaya (Defensive Mid): Female Crow defending nest with beak, wings, anything

Jean Jacques Gosso (Midfield): Badger

Liviu Antal (Right wing): Thomson's Gazelle. (Wears headband even when his hair is short) (66 Nemanja Tomic: Seagull that caught the bread)

Nizamettin Caliskan (Midfield): One of the other seagulls (60 Irfan Kahveci: Cormorant)

Mervan Celik (Left Wing): Dolphin, trained but rapidly going feral (78 Artun Akcakin: Porpoise)

Bogdan Stancu (Centre Forward): Stag, antlers shorter this season


  1. So who was the lobster?

  2. Every team should have a gannet. It never misses its intended victim !!!