Thursday, November 06, 2014

Some good news for Ankaragücü!

According to local newspaper Beypazarı Gündem, Ankaragücü has finally found a sponsor this season! Beypazarı Natural Mineral Water, the makers of the fizzy stuff, have come to the rescue after a campaign by fans who were angry after the local firm overlooked the club and chose to sponsor Istanbul team Kasımpaşa.

While there's no chance a certain Eski Kanka will switch from his "Sütaş Ayran", I'm sure we'll all raise our glasses to the firm after the match on Sunday.


  1. Deal me in, but ........ on one condition.

    Cider Kanka John has to bring some Scottish Peat Water (commonly referred to as ..... whisky) so that I have something in my glass to kill the taste of Beypazari Soda !!!

    If that's a yes ........... then ......... roll on Sunday !!!

  2. I'm glad to say that the Oz Kanka family are already great fans of Beypazari soda... and even happier now to know that our consumption is in some smallish way helping Ankaragucu.

    By the way... it is indeed a disgrace that Beypazari Soda were sponsoring Kasimpasa.

  3. Well time to switch back from Uludağ.