Monday, November 24, 2014

The Pink Boots of Guido Kocer

Gencler drew 2-2 with Karabuk at home on Sunday after failing to make the most of their frankly tiny margin of superiority over the visitors.

This match report is brought to you by: Spine's one-handed typing, Maximus brand flurbiprofen painkillers, and an unhealthy interest in footballers' feet.

Both Gencler goals came in the first half. And both came from the partnership of Guido Kocer and Bogdan Stancu. First from the right, and then from the left, Guido, wearing pink boots, placed accurate passes to Stancu, who seldom wastes such chances. Karabuk pulled one back from a penalty.

Guido Against France
So, who is Guido Kocer, and how did he come by his magnificent name? We don't know, is the honest answer. We know precious little: he was born in Worms, Germany, he has played for Turkish Under-21s, and he has a dashing colour sense in footwear. He's also a little tubby, if we're going to be honest. "He's a little like Gaza," said Robin.

Living the Passo-Life, So You Don't Have To
In the second half a number of things changed. A new ref came on to replace Cuneyt Cakir, who was having breathing difficulties. (Primo Turkish Referee Cakir was treated in hospital and is in good condition, Hurriyet reports.) Also, Guido changed his pink boots for white ones.

And things went wrong from there. Karabuk equalised with a rocket of a goal from way outside the box. Guido was taken off, and displayed Gaza-like sentimentality by throwing his shirt to a small child. Mervan Celik was having a poor game, and was subbed for Radosav Petrovic. But Petrovic got his nose banged/broken in the box and never really engaged with the game after that. Now, I really want to like Petrovic and I realised why at this game. He wears black leather boots. That has an old-school honesty that appeals to me. It makes me ignore how slow he can be, and concentrate on his cultured passing and intelligent positioning.

In an era of multi-coloured boots, Petrovic stands out. I can understand why the sponsorship man from Nike or whatever wants to push the fluorescent boots on bling-loving young players, but I respect those who stick to tradition. If a player wears black boots, I immediately imagine him giving them spit-and-polish the day after a game, like an honest grafting hero.

If you have orange boots, can you even buy orange boot polish? Maybe they have nano-materials that self polish. Or maybe you just throw them in the dishwasher with the Tupperware.

Other notes:

Attendance: Passo-Level
- Reversion to the Mean: Various others are slowly stepping up to be "amigo" and lead the singing
- Police Camera Guy: Is back
- Unlikely Comparisons: Karabuk look a little like France
- Match Overall as Animal: Corgi

"Burasi Ankara" Has Become "Angara's Koats"


  1. A COLOURFUL report from Spine.

    A precious point for Gencler no doubt, but ......... have to shake my head in disappointment at the poor crowd for a Super League match, notwithstanding the Pasolig thingie !

  2. Thanks for the one-handed report. A couple of things I noticed. The penalty given to Karabuk looked very dodgy and Gencler had two pretty clear penalties denied. I agree though that we played nicely in the first half, Guido's crosses were absolutely brilliant.

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  4. Thanks for sharing, Stacey. How do you feel about the Genclerbirligi midfield?