Saturday, December 06, 2014

Genclerbirligi dominate. Justice prevails

When you dominate you are supposed to win. Genclerbirligi dominated and won. Justice really.

Genclerbirligi 2 - 0 Gaziantep

Being a popular fellow about town I only have a few minutes to write this report before heading off to mix with the "in crowd". There was a decent turnout from the Karakizil crowd at the Su'dem pub but from us Kankas there was just David and me.

At the stadium there were around 800 people, including this new fellow, that Steve mentioned last week, who seems to be attempting to take over the amigo role. When the TV cameras panned to this fellow the crowd at the Su'dem shouted their version of "Who are 'ya". The normal amigo, Nedim, was of course sitting with us and he wasn't looking too happy.

Football-wise. It was all fairly nice stuff. We controlled the ball well and Antep hardly got to play. Petkovic, sporting a wonderful Batman-esque mask, was playing nicely, as were most of our players. We were clearly in control but, as I have to repeat almost every week, we just couldn't convert. Well, except for early on in the first half when we scored off a corner only to have the referee call for a foul on the defender. One hell of a dodgy decision.

Of course, when you seem to be in total control but still not getting any goals, frustration starts to reveal itself... We were getting yellow cards left, right and centre, some of them deserved, and the crowd at the Su'dem was starting to turn.

Antep had stopped another one of our attacks and their defender passed it back to the goalkeeper. Any 10-year-old could have stopped it in normal conditions. Lucky for Gencler that someone had dug up a bit of turf in exactly the spot that would make it impossible for the keeper to kick the ball away... The keeper took a swing, the ball bounced over his foot and then rolled into the goal. Much laughing at the Su'dem.

But it was a deserved lead which was doubled a few minutes later when Irfan Can Kahveci got onto the end of an okay cross and volleyed it wonderfully. It was one of those goals that Irfan won't forget. Everything went right and the keeper didn't have a chance.

So... all up a good performance. Not the best, but the best team won.

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