Sunday, December 21, 2014

Genclerbirligi surprised that taking shots at goal sometimes results in goals

I wouldn't say it was the very best performance from Gencler, but the mere fact that we were getting shots at goal was heartwarming. The fact that those shots at goal were going in... Priceless. By the way, seven of Gencler's players were from our Youth Academy.  

Genclerbirligi 5 - 0 Processed Foods Company Konyaspor 

Little Oz Kanka had a match on so we missed the first half, only getting into the car and turning on the radio when Stancu scored with a header from a free kick. According to David it was a clear case of no-one marking our main striker. Silly, silly Konya.

So we arrived at the Su'dem at half-time to be greeted by plenty of happy campers. 

Beers in and the second half started as many Gencler matches do... drab and boring and no penetration and failure to do anything in the final third and clumsy tackles and silly mistakes and just general apathy and a look that seems to say that most of them would rather be anywhere than on the pitch.

That was the first 10 minutes anyway and then... great stuff all round.

Guido Kocer comes on for an injured Ugur and gets a great pass from a Konya player under pressure. Shoots. Goal 2-0 

Tomic takes free kick, Petrovic angles it in. Goal 3-0

Konya player takes one hell of a shot. Ramazan dives. Misses. Tomic on the line puts his head in the way. No goal. Tomic replaced a minute later, possibly suffering from concussion. 

Irfan the Coffeeman takes corner. Gencler player heads it back to him. Shot from Irfan at an extreme angle. Goal 4-0

Right at the death. Counter attack from Gencler. The Coffeeman sends it through to Artun. One-on-one with the keeper. Shoot. Goal 5-0

Referee blows it up. That was great stuff. The bad news is that Stancu got himself a yellow card and will therefore miss this Friday's 8pm (Boxing Day) match against Galatasaray.   

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